An Awesome Show

Ok, I admit; I truthfully hadn’t been looking forward to this performance at first.


Well it’s kinda hard to put the many complicated thoughts I had into words. Something that I would rather not mention here, just in case. Firstly, on the day before the performance, we had a practise. Poor Dhivya, who was pulled into this by my sister, had to learn all 3 dances in one day. *A* Kudos to her, lol.

It was probably the longest I’ve ever done for a practise: 6 hours. (Or wait.. Wasn’t last year’s concert rehearsal longer? I dunno, I can’t remember..)

Whatever it was, my limbs/ligaments/muscles didn’t really ache (save for the joint ache in my right leg) until I got home, and later on. I couldn’t fold my leg and sit without having to lower my right leg slowly to the ground.

Then there was the outfit issue. See, this is what happens when you’re fat in all the wrong places. It becomes a tedious thing to find a pair of clothes that matches. >_>

Also, we had practise again the next day, but spent it mostly discussing the poses at the end.

To much hilarity.

On Edmund’s part, at least. xD

We had fun trying out different (and mostly) ridiculous poses, though we did end up choosing the proper ones. x] It was probably the most fun I’ve had in a while.

^^ We bathed in the studio too, for the first time. So yeah, that means we brought all our stuff there. Ashley and I ended up using none of the outfits we brought; we ended up lending Ella’s. Dhivya did lend Ella’s too, but she mixed and matched with her own as well.

After that, we got to applying makeup. And we went in one car (Edmund’s Honda) so it would be more convenient, and so Ashley could braid Ella’s hair for her. ^^

The butterflies didn’t really catch up with me until after we arrived at Mega and went to the stage. Knowing that our performance was inching closer as the singers went on made me even more nervous, like it was taunting me or something. But I reminded myself of my love to perform, and told myself that I knew I wouldn’t regret it once I was on stage.

And I was right.

The moment I stepped on the stage (and seeing that I was the first one to go on stage as well), all the butterflies had flown away, and only adrenaline rush filled me. I had a blast dancing up there; all my doubts previously blown by the wind. Though I did remember feeling the teeniest bit a little sick after the first song… Must be the leftover nerves. xD Anyhow, I enjoyed myself tremendously on stage.

And after the performance, everyone was all smiles. Nearly all of us had slight mistakes at one point, but we never dwelled on that or gave ourselves a hard time about it. Stuff like that happens. Oh, and we were sweating like hell too. Who knew 3 songs would have the ability to make us sweat that much? Edmund had asked one of their Aikido students to record the whole thing, so yeah, if it is ever posted on Facebook, I’ll update this entry, together with the other pictures too. ^^

Anyways after that, we decided to have dinner. Both Edmund and Ella treated Dhivya, Ashley and I (and of course Shikin) to dinner at K & Y. Seriously, they’re both too nice. *_*

By the end of the day, I’d like to think that our friendship blossomed. We hung out in the studio for a while, chatting and watching the video that said Aikido student took, and laughing about out mistakes and SugarHigh!Edmund. We even talked about spending a night in the studio one day, for a group sleepover. I can only imagine the chaos that would happen. xD

So all in all, it was a great experience. We were all so hyped up after the performance (though no one could beat the sugar high kid^^), and even more so after we went back to the studio.

Well, Dhivya and Ashley, for the most part. xD

Pre-performance pic:

The videos that my mum took of the performance:

Jai Ho

She Wolf & Gata Brasilera

I’m starting to love Zumba now. =]

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