Another Short Update

Well, here I am.
In Nesa & Min Ru’s room, using Nesa’s computer to go to the internet while Nesa and Ann went out with Junior.
Why didn’t I follow them? Well, that would be a long story, but don’t worry, it’s nothing big (argument, etc) or anything, trust me.

Min Ru is ‘working’, so here I am, blogging.
Oh how I’ve missed it. ^^
I hate not being able to properly blog; I have so many pics (Ok, fine, maybe not that many) and explanations to post up.

Class has started, and it’s still a little messy because there are things that some new students have not grown accustomed to yet.
First and foremost: to newbies like us, just looking up our timetable is a challenge; it’s written in a way in which we are not used to, and it takes some explaining from the faculty (I can imagine how frustrated they might be, having to re-explain it to every student who asks xD) to actually get how it’s supposed to be.

But hostel life-wise, it’s great.
I love living on my own, and going places/ hanging out with my friends where I can make my own decisions on what to do.
I’ve made great (and crazy) friends (which would in itself explain why they’re my friends in the first place), and luckily, my housemates are nice.
I’ve been going out with Ann almost every night since I got here (except when she went to KL for those few days), and before class had started – some lunches.

One thing I just HAD to comment about though, was the library.
It’s far, for one thing (it’s in Block G, while the furthest our lectures and tutorials take us is Block E). But it has nice scenery.
It’s BIG (of course not MPH big, but still big) and cold inside (a nice refreshing atmosphere from the HOT sun outside; I seriously thought that there could be no hotter place than Kuantan before this… Or maybe it was because I had a car).
But the thing that awed me the most was that it had a gorgeous view of the lake. If I stared at the lake long enough, I think I would be able to visualize myself in a penthouse.
The atmosphere, of course, is quiet; seeing as it’s a library. The sun reflects nicely off of the waters (and makes me thankful that I’m enjoying the view from an air-conditioned place and not out there in the sun), and you could see far off in the distance.

I would have taken a picture, if it weren’t for the ‘No photo-taking’ rule. Which is quite a pity, if you ask me. =p

Other than that, everything’s great. I’m seriously contemplating about bringing my car here for traveling purposes (to shops, etc. I have to have a car sticker if I wanna drive to uni, and the cost is rather dear), to beat the heat. We’ll see how that works out.

But for now, I’ll sign off. Hopefully the next time I update, it’ll be with my hostel’s internet and my laptop. ^^

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