Finally, The Long Awaited Post!

Guhhh *flails*
I’ve FINALLY got internet at my bloody hostel. =_=
And I’ve got so much to catch up on, that I’m not even bothering to catch up on everything at LJ. I’d take days if I did.

Anyway, it’s about time I got to posting up about my first day here in Kampar. So here goes.

On the day of check in, we woke up at 7am that morning (on my grandfather’s recommendation) to get ready, have breakfast, and take our time checking in to the hostel.
The office had recommended we check in before 2PM (woot, 2PM baybeh! Hottest time of day! xDD), as that would be the time the office would be packed with people checking in and booking the hostels and whatnot. For breakfast, my grandfather and I tried the Ipoh Kuey Tiow Chicken Soup (or whatever the name was. =3), and it wsa better than I had expected it. Although they use white chicken (which I don’t normally fancy, if I had a choice), it complimented the whole thing and it was good overall.

Oh, and before I continue to the hostel part, let me tell you that it (the hostel incident) could have taken a whole chapter by itself. I have THAT much to say about it. xp

First, we went to the Danish Houses office, as we were told to, to pay the full rental fee and to go through the last few steps before being alble to check in.
I brought the 2 photos that I was supposed to hand in, and went inside the office to make the payment, daddy and grandpa following me.
(Bookings and choosing of house were handled outside the ‘office’ over mini table counters; payments and check ins were done in the office.)

Payment was done easily enough; next, I was asked to go to the block beside it, which was also the Manchester Showhouse. There, we were required to view a short ‘House Agreement video’ before we could proceed further, which was the explanation of the terms and conditions of staying in the hostel by a staff.
After the video, we were briefed on the T&Cs, and were asked to sign if we agreed to it.
After that, we were told to go back to the office to get our hostel gift bag which comprised of a matress protector, laundry bag, a Danish Houses notebook and pen, and a rulebook.
Pillow: Nada. Tak ada. Nonexistent. And I didn’t hesitatate to mention that to daddy. ;D

So, after they handed me the keys, they also gave us the file that they had ‘opened’ for each student that registers for the hostel. and with it, they had given us a checklist, to make sure the house had everything and was working properly. It around 10AM by that time.

Excited, we made our way to my hostel, which we later found out was numbered 2103A, instead of 2104, as was stated in all the other documents. Why then would they label everything else as 2104 instead of 2103? It would make our lives easier. =_=

As daddy entered the porch, I was a little surprised to find it littered with dried leaves, as if no one had done the cleaning.
I took my keys, opened the doors, and found out that INDEED no one had done the cleaning. It looked exactly like how a new house should: dusty EVERYWHERE. Dissapointed, I looked over and checked everything on the check list anyway.

I went to the office after that to inform them of the situation. They said they’d send someone over, and that it was probably because the block I was in (Harvard) was still new. I can’t remember if they apologised.
So to give the cleaner time to clean the house, we decided to go look for bicycles, since it was literally the main form of transportation here in UTAR. Plus, it would be so much more convinient if I didn’t have to walk everywhere.. Especially in the hot sun.
Moreover, it would be so much faster to cycle.
As we were looking at the bikes, I had a call from the office, asking me to unlock the house as the cleaner didn’t have the key.
So we had to go all the way back to open the door for the cleaner. Thank GOD for cars.

Having done so, we decided to leave the cleaner to do his job while we went bike hunting again.
After browsing and deciding on a bike, (which took nearly 2 hours, I think) we decided to go back to the hostel to see if the house was now cleaned and fit for my things to be moved in.

It was still dusty.

Swipe a finger over the surface and your finger will turn black. >_>
Still, daddy said it was okay to move my stuff in.
Miffed at the poor cleaning, I took out my wet wipes and began wiping the surface of the chairs as well as the table top. It turned the wet wipes black, by the way.
Grandpa checked the bathroom, only to find the water nonexistent now.

So, we decided to go to Tesco nearby and get some supplies; namely a mop, a freshener (the room smelt sour even after cleaning; the cleaner must have re-used the dirty water to clean the whole house >_>), plug port extensions, and a pillow.
But before that, daddy lodged yet another complain at the office about the water problem. I swear, I was so stressed, I could’ve used some yoga time. xD

Needless to say, though, we ended up buying more than was nescessary at Tesco, in the form of more foodstuff (Ramen cups, instant oats, packet drinks, etc). =B

After helping me get settled, daddy and grandpa left for Kuantan. And me?
I got to cleaning my damned room.

You can’t really see it, but the water was black.

The cloth I used to wipe the surfaces: Again, not very visible, but the cloth was black too.

But all in all, it was really cooling (result of the insistance of grandpa and daddy to choose a room which faced the west, which resulted the female attendant to laugh at the sight of both of them as they confused themselves with where the north, south, east and west were), and I felt at home after cleaning. ^^

Dona arrived later, almost in the evening, so we decided to go out for dinner. Coming along would be her boyfriend Nesa and his chinese roommate.
While I’ve seen Nesa before, I learnt that his roommate was named Alex, though they called him Min Lu, whatever the spelling is. =p
(The name kinda reminds me of Wean Lu and/or Min Li. oh how I miss Wean Lu. xD)
I found it thoughtful that they (Dona and her boyfriend) would think to invite someone else so I wouldn’t feel left out or anything. Plus, the more I mixed with Nesa, I found him to be a really nice person, and a funny one too. ;)
OH, and extra points that he’s also a fan of Kpop! xD

Proof? Watch the video and tell me what is playing in the background. xDD

He likes Big Bang (especially Taeyang). =D
Yay~ So I’ll have a partner in crime here! xD

In fact, both Nesa and Alex were really nice. And I MEAN really nice. I feel really happy when the four of us would hang out together. ^^
To put it in my own words, we could be the very ones to bring the entire place down. xD

Ok, so that was my original typed-up events of my first day here, nothing edited.
Also, I would like to add a few other pictures/info about my first few days in Ipoh, so here goes…~

On the way to Ipoh, around Genting, there was this huge fog.
And you know how I get intrigued/impressed by the simplest things.. So I took some photos of it. xD

Then, in Ipoh itself, I came across this one restaurant on the way to Jusco, I think.
Innocent people would think nothing of it; people like me, however, will get my drift. xD

And then, I just had to camwhore in my uncle’s house. xD

Whoops, did I scare you there? xD

While in there also, I came across a picture, and I nearly had a heart attack at the first glance of it. Why?

Boy reminds me of Taecyeon. xD

Also, something that reminds me of our Zumba times; to be precise, Ella & Edmund:

^^ And it’s kinda near my hostel too~

In the Tesco near my hostel, I spotted this:

A touch-screen mini hi-fi. Not very clear, yes. I was kinda in a rush, plus I didn’t want the workers to look at me like some lunatic for taking a photo of it. >_> xD

And some of you may have already seen this picture in my Facebook, but I’ll just post it here anyways.

Like whoa, really? A pineapple that pukes? xD

And for some of you, you’ll know that I brought my dog ?? with me. ^^ So I just had to take a few pictures of her.

She’s reading my diary! xp

???, ? ?? ???? ^^

And during one of those nice days where it was cooling and looked like it was about to rain here in Kampar, I managed to take a shot of the unique view of the clouds:

And now, some pictures of my friends.^^

Kinusha & me

Nesa & Ann

I haven’t had time to take photos of my course mates yet, so.. I’ll post them up when I do. xD

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