All The Lectures Seem To Be Teaching The Same Theme Today..

And the topic is: Racial wars. Interracial marriages.

It started with our Journalism lecturer Ms Joethi. She showed us an awesome Malaysian short film called Gadoh, about Chinese and Malay school gangsters, and a poor, innocent indian boy that’s stuck in the middle. (The oh-so adorable boy named Raj.^^)

It was slightly cliche, yes.
It was predictable, yes.
But it was a great movie nonetheless.
Plus, we watched it as a class so it’s somehow more entertaining.
I gotta thank Ms Joethi for introducing this film to us.^^ Everyone in class agreed after that it was a good film.
In fact, everyone clapped after the film ended.

As I was watching, though, one sentence, uttered by the theater teacher, stuck to my head.

Mereka sebenarnya bukanlah pelajar yang bermasalah.
Mereka cuma keliru. Kita yang membuatkan mereka keliru.
Kita tidak pernah untuk cuba mendengar apa yang ingin mereka katakan. Kita hanya mahu mereka mendengar apa yang ingin kita katakan.

For those of you who don’t understand Malay, a translation (I just did a rough translation):

They are, in fact, not problematic students.
They are just confused. We make them confused.
We have never tried to listen to what they have to say.
We only want them to listen to what we say.

Which, in my opinion, is very true.
Most adults tend to think that they know more than we do; they think that they’ve gone through more than we have.
I don’t deny that in certain areas, they DO know more than we do. And that they MAY have gone through more than we’ll ever know.
Which is why I don’t get it, really, why they would close themselves off instead of sharing their stories. Knowing that they’ve gone through similar things; knowing that they might be wiser than we are; why not share them, so that their children/students/nephews & nieces etc will know that they are not alone, and that an adult actually understands them?

More often than not, parents like to tell their children that they’re too young, and that they don’t understand/think they know everything.
The thing is, you’ll never know.
Some children actually DO understand, and can actually be wiser than their parents.
Parents just don’t give their children the chance to talk and explain.

I grew up hearing that phrase a lot. And it frustrated me greatly that they never even tried to listen and/or understand, but instead just wave it off as us being young and naive.
I’m not implying that I’m oh so smart or wise or whatnot. It just irks me greatly how sometimes people think that they know it all and refuse to listen to advices and/or explanations from someone younger than them, be it because of face or because of their inflatable ego.

I think I should stop here before I get carried away and write a whole essay on this topic. xD

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