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DPS Society on a Saturday

I feel lazy to type up the whole story, so here’s just some pictures which I will explain as I go.

After the ‘getting to know each other’ part (which involved us all sitting in a circle, and in turns, saying what kind of person he/she is, or any random info about the person you think he/she possesses), the next ‘segment’ was impromptu acting, with a blindfold. We were divided into 2 groups, and the members would decide which ‘couple’ (can be of different or same gender) to put forth first. Then they’d come up with a situation, and you’d have to act it out, blindfolded. First up was me and a guy named Alex. I don’t have the pictures, so I can’t post it up. =3

My scene was: Alex, my ‘husband’, had murdered me. But as he was burying me, I came back from the dead to haunt him. xD But I dunno, he.. wasn’t very responsive, so I had trouble even finding him. =p

Next up was John & Max, which I was able to get pictures of. ^^

Their scene was supposed to be two friends going to the zoo, and a friend having to rescue the other, who fell into an alligator pit.

… but I think they got ‘intimate’ later on. xD

After that, the two groups were joined and we did a sketch together, combining the scenes we’ve used earlier on, and some additional info. So to summarize it up, it had something to do with:

  • A tampon stealer going to the zoo and falling down in an alligator pit,
  • Someone trying to ‘save’ said victim by throwing the tampons at him, and
  • Two drunken cops; which were supposed to arrest the tampon-thief, but was more dating than anything.

Beginning of something fishy… One already has his blindfold off…

The ‘cops’ still have their blindfolds on, and our DPS president Ming Wei (I think that’s her name =p) ‘proposes’…

One cop has his blindfold off…

… In the end, leaving our poor president clueless and thinking that the sketch was still on. xDD

All in all, although it was fun, I’d say that the Photography meeting held more fun ice-breaking activities. But DPS was still fun nonetheless.^^

P/S: DPS stands for Drama & Public Speaking. =D

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