Seriously, guys…

I flunked my Interpersonal paper so badly, it’s not even funny.


But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.
I’m here to talk about Danish Housing.
Yes, the people who are responsible for the house that I am currently staying in.

It is no surprise when someone complains about the services (or lack thereof, actually) of Danish Housing.
Before I came to Kampar, there was a blog I read, written by a UTARian, which was a ‘UTAR Survival Kit’ of sorts.
He did write about Danish Housing, but if I remember correctly, he had only mentioned about how, if we could manage, we should get a private house because the price that’s stated on the brochures are not to be trusted.

Well, I am now almost in my 4th month here, and let me tell you, there are more to D.H than said blogger has mentioned. Let’s go through it, shall we?

Bad/Horrible Services.

As I was going through the process of booking a room, a Danish Housing staff had informed me that they had already applied for internet for the house I was going to move in, but they haven’t had a response yet. They also promised that the internet would secured by that month (January), or we would get RM 25 off of our rental.

Internet didn’t come until the middle of February.
And I didn’t see a RM25 cut in any of my receipts.

Then there are the maintenance problems.
My housemates, who were sharing a room, had trouble with their water supply. Then they had trouble with their doorknob.
When I first checked in, we had troubles too. When they mentioned ‘check in’, I had imagined the house to be at least decently cleaned and suitable to move in. But what greeted me was the house in an entire mess. It was literally as if moving to a new house, where you have to clean the whole house by yourself before moving in.
After informing D.H, they apologized (wait, DID they even apologize??), and sent a cleaner to our house. One hour (or more) later when I returned, the cleaner had left, but upon entering the house, I found that the cleaner had done a horrible job, the mess was not visible anymore, yes, but the moment you stepped in the house, you could still feel the dust on the floor, the table, EVERYWHERE. The whole house also had a dirty, damp kind of smell, very much unlike how it should smell after mopping.

And then there’s also the state of the house. In my room, you can clearly see patches (although the patches were white, it contrasted with the original wall paint) on the walls where water had probably leaked in when it was raining before.
And in my bathroom, the original shower knob (the original shower has been replaced with a hot water shower system, but the original knob is still there) is already starting to ‘go in’, like how a cardboard wall would if you punched through it.

Which brings me to the next complaint:

Extremely Lazy Cleaners.

Come on, we’re (as in the students) not freaking heartless.
We know that you have a lot of houses to clean.
We know that it’s extremely tiring (even if there ARE quite a number of you) to clean so many houses everyday.
We don’t mind if you guys would like to rest for a little while sometimes after/before cleaning. (Well at least I don’t.)

But you’re taking advantage now.
We let you rest, the least you can do is clean our houses properly. They just come to our house, mop and wipe here and there (with dirty water too, I’m guessing), and that’s it.
As if that was not enough of a reason to complain, they’d use our electricity and water as if it were their own house. It’s not that we’re selfish and don’t want to share or anything, but please, if you”re gonna use our electricity and water, know that (you’re SUPPOSED to know it!) it will be US who’s paying the bills. Any access water/electricity bill will be shouldered by US. You may have the ‘privileges’, but we would have to pay the price.

Besides, you’re not getting paid to use our stuff!
Which brings me to the second point in this case: The cleaners using our stuff.
In this case, my stuff.

Just the other day, my housemates caught one of the cleaners using my dish washing liquid to wash the toilet bowl in the downstairs toilet.
COME ON, is Danish Housing that much of a miser to not buy you guys proper toilet washing necessities?? Seriously, I can forgive you if you’re tired and I catch you resting, but to use our stuff to CLEAN THE FREAKING TOILET? That’s just plain wrong.
No wonder I noticed my washing detergent become more diluted. At first I thought it was Cathy, so I hadn’t said anything. But after knowing the truth, it’s outrageous, really.

I mean, honestly, if they keep this up, I might just get a petition or something saying that if they don’t do a damned thing about it, us students are all gonna boycott or something (can you tell I’ve been reading too much of 2PM’s controversy thingy? xD) and go for private houses instead.

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