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Ok, I’m getting just a tad bit frustrated now, because I’ve been re-writing this entry the 3rd time now.

I happen to be chatting in Facebook, so everytime my friend messages me, it’s like this tab freezes, and if I happen to accidentally press the backspace key when I make a mistake at that time, it goes back a page, and when I click the forward button on the browser, it  comes back to my blogpost space, but with only the title, and the body completely gone. >_>

I guess that’ll teach me for not saving the draft beforehand, but before this when I was under Strawberried, it always helped me save every few seconds. Dang it.

So AS I WAS SAYING, I’m here to state/tell my version of our (Shangaree, Rachel & I) ‘road trip’ to KL for our Journalism assignment. Rachel’s (and probably the less headache-y ) version of the trip can be found on her blog.

And if I were to type up the entire trip’s details in detail, it would make a very long entry indeed. So I’ve decided to spare you all the inconvenience and post a photo journal entry instead.^^

So first thing’s first. A little lowdown on the whole trip:

We took the Kampar bus to Teluk Intan, where Shangaree’s father would take us to Thoggai’s house in Shah Alam. We were spending a night there.

Yes, we sat a ‘bas tabung’, and it reminded me of the old school bus I used to board to school.

And on the way, we passed this beautiful pasture. It was a huge field, enveloped with fresh green grass. It was not a sight you’d see anywhere, so I whipped out my camera and took a photo of it. I actually took a few, but…

The picture didn’t do it justice. The field was more beautiful than this. >_>

The first thing that caught my eye (besides the leaning pagoda). Just thought the name of the complex sounded funny. =3 Can you imagine how a conversation would go?

“Hey, wanna go to Aik Aik complex?” xD

So anyways, we arrived at Shangaree’s house where we rested for a while. We were entertained by Shangaree’s magician brother while she took a shower and packed her stuff. He (Shangaree’s brother, I mean) was GOOD! He showed us some pretty impressive card tricks.^^

Then we found out that Shangaree’s younger sister was a musician. She plays a traditional indian instrument, which name slips by me. But before she played it, this happened:

Rachel wanted to try her hands at it, but later gave up because she had no clue if she was supposed to pick or strum it. I just caught her ‘in action’. =D

Then just as we were about to leave, Shangaree’s brother brought out the pigeon he used for magic purposes, and let us touch/hold it. It was a beautiful white pigeon.^^

And that was also when Shangaree’s puppies came to play! ^^ We saw one of them when we arrived, but when I called the puppy, it was hesitant to come. So I bent down and put my hand out and tried calling it again. This time it came, still hesitant, licked my outstretched hand, and ran off. Aww~.

Then as we were about to go back, the other one, which had black markings around it’s muzzle, came up to me, sniffing me and asking for  a pet.

Now TELL me that isn’t cute. I dare you.

Oh, and I should mention that that was the time my flu caught up with me. My nose was irritable but bearable throughout the journey, and at this time, it finally got a bit too much. I was sneezing like mad, my nose was flowing, and I felt horrible. Rachel kept saying that we needed to get me some Clarinase. However, we hadn’t managed to get our hands on any that day, because we never came across any pharmacies.

Long story short, I was hoping to sleep my flu away.

The next morning, Rachel awoke at 7am and woke us all up, stating that she had to have McDonalds. (In case you’re wondering, Kampar has no McD. T^T) She literally bustled everyone to hurry and wake up, because our plan was also to go shopping at MidValley and The Gardens after breakfast.

Thoggai, Annie & Shangaree outside Thoggai’s house. Oh, and did I mention that our entire Journalism semester group were in KL for the interview? Each group interviewed a different sports journalist from a different newspaper. We all crashed at Thoggai’s house, except for Eric, Aimi & Hui Kia.

By the time everyone got up, bathed and got ready, it was close to 11am already. We walked to McD, because Thoggai’s house was nearby. My nose had started acting up a little already while waiting for everyone to get ready, so at first I had wanted to get to the pharmacy first to get that damned Clarinase. But Thoggai suggested we eat first.

And really, who was I to deny McD? xD

What Rachel & I ordered. God I miss it already.. T^T

Notice something missing?

Yup, the hash browns.

Where’d it go?

Yup. It was getting EATED! Mwahahahaha~ xD

So anyway, after that we went to buy that damned Clarinase (but thank GOD for Clarinase!). I took it, and my nose was fine the whole day.^^

So we went to The Gardens shopping mall, by this:

KTM! My first time riding one.^^

Then when we arrived at The Gardens, something caught my eye:

Strawberries.. On a steek! xD At the time this photo was taken, two strawberries had already gone. xD

Also, Korean Mochi! ^^ Again, two are gone.. One by me and the other by Annie & Shangaree…

And my very first ???~ ^^ I didn’t finish all.. Too spicy, and my drink was running out. =p

At The Gardens with Shangaree

Next was the main stop, the main reason why we were here: the sports journalist interview. In this case, we were going to Berita Harian’s office and talk to a Zairee Zahir. But in the ‘lobby’, there was this exhibition of nice paintings of the mangrove forests. We managed to interview the artist as well, so hey, that’s another useful piece of information for our newspaper! ^^

Interviewing the artist…

And of course, Mr Big himself, Berita Harian sports journalist, En. Zairee Zahir.

The interview went well, and we got LOADS of information. Definitely way more than was needed for our 300-word soft news. But it was worth it.^^

At the end of the day, we were exhausted, of course. So…. pictures of our journey back.^^


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