Just Some Backtracking Posts 2 (Hee~)

There are a few things I would like to mention in this post.

First, the fact that yesterday, Ms Joethi was late to enter for our tutorial class. When she did, however, she opened the door slightly (though enough to show the waist up), peeked into the tutorial room, and glanced at all of us.

Then she asked, in a meek voice, “Do I have to sing~?” LOL. She can be so funnily cute sometimes. xD


Here’s the thing: Ms Joethi has this thing where she would ‘punish’ us by asking us to sing a song in front of the entire class whenever any of us came late for tutorial class, . Normally though, we’d just grin at her, apologize (or not), and take our seats, because we knew she was just joking.

And then later that night, Rachel, Eric & I went to the pasar malam. I remember looking at the sky as I locked the gate and thinking, ‘I have a feeling that it’s gonna rain heavily later’. But for whatever the reason, I decided that I’ll just go, and hope that it either won’t rain heavily, or that the rain would wait until we were safely back at home.

I think you can guess what happened next.

We got most of the stuff we had wanted to buy (in my case, a pair of black pants for presentations, but I still had yet to buy a proper sling bag and a suitable blouse) , and Eric had seperated from us, because Rachel and I had originally wanted to hurry home before the rain got real heavy, and Eric still had something to get.

But we later got smart and took shelter in one of the ‘tents’ of the ‘shops’. Good thing too, because no sooner had we taken cover, the rain begun to pour like cats and dogs. Under that tent, we waited; pants damp and legs and slippers uncomfortably sandy.

As the rain subsided (but it was still raining), we decided that it was now or never, and made a dash for home. Good thing too, because a while after we got home, the rain started pouring heavily again.

To make matters worse, I had only brought my purse and handphone with me, so I didn’t have tissues with me to wipe my bicycle’s seat. Rachel hadn’t brought any tissues with her either.

So we cycled home with damp asses.

Oh, and we ‘rinsed’ our sandy slippers in the puddles of water on the road. Yeah.

It was all in good fun though. I mean, it’s not everyday that you get caught in a situation like this. And not everyday that you can ‘play’ in the rain.

Then there was today.

For our Communicative English class, Mr Lionel went through some previous exam questions with us. One of it was an argumentative essay that asked, ‘Single-sex schools are still necessary in our society. How far do you agree or disagree?’

Mr Lionel took the example of disagreeing with the statement, and asked us to give our opinions on why single-sex schools were not necessary.

Naturally, things took to the sexual turn.

He then began to explain the sexualities.

“Homosexuality is normal. Bisexual, someone has sex with guys AND girls. Trisexual, they try everything once.”

The class erupted in laughter. xDD

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