Waterpark! (backtracking)

Y’know, I’m actually starting to feel a little lazy to update my blog. *le gasp*
Maybe due to the headache I’ve been having today.. argh. No idea why. Photobucket Lika said it might be because of the heat.. But honestly, I’ve felt hotter *coughkamparcough*, but maybe it WAS the heat. Because after dousing my head in the water several times, I felt better. But it does come on and off.

Gambang Waterpark was smaller than what I had in mind. Still, I felt so lazy to walk about because 1) we had to drag the huge ‘8’ tube with us up and down, and 2) said headache. But it was SO nice to dip in the water. At the Coco Beach, Lika and I literally lay down on the shallower side, closing our eyes and just enjoying the water sweeping through. It was even better when the waves came.

The first ride we went to was the 8 tube covered slide. It was FUN! Actually, all the rides were fun. And uh, seeing as they only had like, 4 rides, Coco Beach, and a Glacier River. Yeah.

Anyway, next we went to the open-aired 8 tube slide. Then the tube ride like the one they rode in the Cabi MV. We actually got stuck at the mouth of the slide (no idea why), and had to push the tube ourselves to get it moving.

Several times.

The lifeguard wouldn’t help give us a push. Photobucket

After that, we decided to relax on the Glacier River. And we ‘lazed’ in it for what, 4-5 rounds, I think? Photobucket
We were too lazy to get out, plus we loved the waves at one part of the Glacier. Though it came every alternate time we passed.

After getting bored of the Glacier river, we rode the… lie-down-on-your-stomach-and-slide-down ride. I dunno the name. Photobucket

We spent the remaining of the day at Coco beach, where we lay on the shallower part of the pool and just closed our eyes, relaxing. There were artificial waves here too, and the waves lasted for around 10 minutes, I think, which we loved. The first time we went to the beach, we were on our 8 tube, and we somehow drifted off to the deeper side. No matter how hard we tried to paddle to shore, we just weren’t moving. Either that, or we weren’t strong enough, because believe me when I say, we were both kicking and sweeping the water like HELL.
When the waves came, it slowly (and I mean slowly) brought us to shore. So the second time around, we left our tube at the sand, and went in without it.

It was so relaxing. We lazed the rest of our day there, and by the time we decided to get out and get bathing, it was close to 5pm. Lika already felt sunburnt, while I didn’t feel the pinch until today.

Which proves my point that my reactions are really slow.  >_<

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