Festival Of The Minds

It’s been a while, yes.

This time, I’m writing about my one-day experience as part of the crew for the Festival Of The Minds.

We were to report ourselves by 9AM at the Heritage Hall, and we went there by bus, because Rachel wore a skirt. xD That, and taking the bus is a nice change from cycling in the hot sun, and it definitely beats cycling up the hill. ;D

When we reported ourselves, we were almost immediately asked to go to Block D, because a Ms Theresa had something for us to do. What was it?

To be in charge of the media registration/giving out the press releases and showing them the way to DDK1 if they didn’t know where it was.

Turns out we were only backup, so we just stood there and did literally nothing. When Datuk Chua Soi Lek arrived, and every left to go to DDK1, they asked Rachel and I to guard the booth, just in case there were latecomers. So that was all we were asked to do at DDK1, actually.

That, and take PICTURES! xD

Yes, I am aware that I look horrible, thank you. Thank goodness the picture appeared small somehow. =p

After that was done, we walked back to block A, because we were supposed to usher the VIPs to the refreshments. But when we arrived, Calvin (the guy in charge) was no where to be seen. We waited for a few minutes, and when he still hadn’t shown up, we decided to help out at the registration counter (who looked like they could use 2 extra pairs of hands). Also because we felt guilty if we didn’t do anything. =p We walked up to them and asked if they needed help, to which they gratefully accepted.

(P/S: we saw Calvin later, and he said we could help out with anything we wanted to.)

What did we have to do? Hand people the registration slips, and give them the goody bags. Easy enough.

Well, try doing that for the rest of the day. Especially when it got towards the evening, when not many people go through those doors anymore. We were literally bored to death, and my heels (not quite, but still) were killing me.

We ended up doing ‘poster-rolling’ duty, where we rolled up the posters to be put in the goody bag. We seized each small bundle that was given to us, almost ‘fighting’ for it. Yeah, we were that bored. xD

When all the posters were rolled up and placed in their respective bags, all of us sat down, looking rather at a lost for what to do. A few sighs were heard, then Fang Yi suggested that we roll up the flyers now, for what, she had no idea. We all burst out laughing. then I suggested taking the posters down from the pillars and walls, and rolling them, just for something to do. xD

After a while, and after a bit of chit chat with the lecturers in charge of the registration booth, Fang Yi and her friends started doing something with the registration papers. Rachel and I immediately asked if there was anything to do. “Gooottttt… But these are mine! Cannot touch!” Fang Yi said, arms open in a protective manner in attempt to cover the registration slips. xD

I found it hilarious how we were so bored that we grabbed any work (that didn’t involve leaving the booth xD) that arose. Like we were fighting for something precious. LOL.

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