You Wanna Expand? x]

Yesterday, Edward and Jon decided to make an impromptu trip to Ipoh, because they ran out of places to ‘yum cha’ and catch up in Kampar. At first, when Edward told me, I thought he was kidding. =p

So anyways, Amelia was to go along as well. It marks my first time meeting her, and boy, was she a chatter. Kinda reminds me of Ashley, only the more random, talkative version. xp

Next, they decided to watch a movie, and they chose The Expendables. I didn’t mind, but action/war-ish movies were never really my forte.
To cut the story short, we asked Amelia to recommend a place to have our dinner before the movie. After much thought (which took almost half the trip xD ), she finally decided to let us try Michelangelo’s.

She ordered two pizzas, with four different toppings; The Hog, Blue Cheese, Bacon & Eggs, and Salami. The Blue Cheese was ok.. I just found out that blue cheese isn’t my forte either. I’d still very much stick with Cheddar. ^^
The Hog was ok.. Loved the bacon though. ;) Salami was nice, which was a pleasant surprise since I had expected it to be a little like pepperoni. But the Bacon & Eggs..

HOLY MOTHER OF FATTY FOODS, it gave me ‘multiple orgasms’ (in Mr Gino’s words, but according to Ashleigh yesterday, it gave her more than multiple orgasms. xD). It tasted HEAVENLY, almost as if you were eating a bacon & egg sandwich. Amelia loved it too. ;D

Needless to say, at Michelangelo’s, I ate the most slices of pizza I have ever eaten in my entire life: 6.freaking.slices . Oh, and not to mention the breadsticks we had as appetizers, that came with butter-garlic sauce. THAT was delicious as well.

By the end of it, we were stuffed. And happy. ^^

Zoom in to the pic and what do you see? Adult: 1. There were 4 of us la wei… So Edward said the only ‘adult’ was Jon. xD

So anyways we got to Jusco with still time to spare, so we went looking around, after Amelia got the tickets from her mother.


To cut the story short, The Expandables was AWESOME! It was really funny, the effects were great, and the all-star cast lineup was awesome. They even had a short special appearance by Bruce Willis and *in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice* THE GOVERNER OF CALIFORNIA. x]

I laughed throughout the movie. The lines were genius. Stallone, if he had come up with those lines himself (being the director of the movie); was a genius. To quote Jon, “It was the only action movie that didn’t have a kiss scene throughout.”

We had some Ice Mixed Fruit after that, and I was stuffed. Dinner had digested over the movie, but I felt stuffed again after the mixed fruit, and we arrived in Kampar around.. 2-3am, I think? And I think we were all happy that day. ^^

P/S: I was supposed to write this the day after the trip, but couldn’t finish it, so I’m writing it today. And that’s when I also realised how… wrong the title sounds. x]

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2 Replies to “You Wanna Expand? x]”

  1. Oh Holly golly, u had a great nite I suppose!! I would love to try Michealangelo (Hope the spelling is correct, ohh I so freaking malas to re-check it anyway) someday.. The movie was good? I really wanted to watch it too!!! *sigh*
    anyway, love the way u write, keeps me entertaining, wish that I can write like that!!!

    P/S: The title is crazy!! But that’s what attracted me to read! :)

    1. SATTHIYA~!!! =D *squeezes*
      YES, YOU SHOULD GO TO MICHELANGELO’S.. It’s heavenly man. And I normally don’t fancy pizzas. *_*

      And yeah, I realised the double meaning of the title, but I left it as that on purpose. xD

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