Genting… After Almost 10 Years.

*Whew* I finally finished my Genting entry! It took I-have-no-idea-how-many-days to finish the write-up. >_<

Wow, where do I start? This trip marks my 3rd (2nd that I remember of; the first, I was too young to remember anything..) trip to Genting Highlands. The best part? It’s a 3 Days 2 Nights trip with my friends! ^^ So I repeat; where do I start? How about right from the beginning? Sounds good? Ok? Ok. Here goes…

The plan was to meet at Hui Kia’s house by 4.30AM, because the van to take us to the train station would arrive by then. Rachel and I agreed to meet at this one place where it was lighted up at around 4.15am, and we would walk to Hui Kia’s place together, as it was late and rather dangerous to walk alone. But, as luck would have it, wrong timing caused Rachel and I to walk to Hui Kia’s house separately.. and alone. Turns out Rachel arrived at my house, called for me (whispered, more like it), and when I didn’t respond (because my door was closed and I couldn’t hear her), she took it that maybe I had already gone to Hui Kia’s house, because she was a few minutes late.

Me? I smsed Rachel earlier, asking where she was. No delivery notification. About a few minutes later, I called her. Her phone was engaged. So I went out of the house anyway, and went to the designated ‘meeting spot’. There, I called her again. Still engaged. Part of me wanted to go to Hui Kia’s house and see if she’s already there, but the other part of me felt like I should stay at the spot, or at least go to Rachel’s house, just in case she hasn’t come yet. Aimi called me minutes ago, asking where I was. So since I couldn’t get Rachel and Hui Kia, I decided to call and ask her if Rachel was there. Aimi didn’t know as well. But she suggested I go over to Rachel’s house to confirm if she had left or not.

Just as I was walking halfway, Hui Kia called me and asked where I was. I explained to her, and she told me that Rachel was already at her house, and to come over quick as the van would be there any moment. So I hurried over. I ran when I could; that is, when my heels didn’t kill me for doing so. I bought a new pair of ballet flats the day before in Tesco, and as I tried it out then, it felt fine. So I decided to wear it to Genting. I make the best decisions, I tell you. =_= And yes, that’s when I started to feel pain in my heels, and I knew I was screwed. I didn’t have time to rush back to my house to change to my shoes; it’d take too long, and I was already late as it is. So I hobbled. Or, to put it in other words, ‘hinjut-ed‘ to Hui Kia’s house.

Teh Evil shoes. (I intentionally spelled The as ‘teh’, by the way.)

Thankfully, as I was approaching the Westlake gate, the van that was supposed to fetch us arrived at the same time. He informed the jaga that he wanted to fetch some students to the KTM station, and the jaga seemed slightly doubtful. Then they spotted me. Must’ve been the way I was dressed (jeans at 4.30am, clutching my laptop),  because the jaga then pointed at me and asked, “Pergi KTM station ah? (Going to the KTM station?)” I quickly nodded, and assured the jaga that indeed, the van was called to fetch us there. He finally let the van in, and the van guy invited me to ride in the van, instead of walking all the way. I gratefully did so, showing him the way to Hui Kia’s house.

Once we reached, I got out of the van to take my luggage, and to put my laptop in my bag. There, I sat on the stairs and took off my shoes to see the damage. It was BAD. Bad enough that 5 days since then, it still hasn’t healed properly. The hardened skin would constantly break every time I so much as went on a full tip toe. So I plastered my heels (thank goodness I have the habit of bringing a few plasters with me wherever I go in case of an emergency.. like this), smashed down the heel part of my flats, and wore them that way throughout. But then in the long haul, my toes started hurting. >_<

Anyways, to cut the story short, we arrived KL fine and dandy. Eric told us before that Genting wasn’t as cold as it used to be, so I was kinda prepared for the worst. It didn’t feel chilly until we got down from the bus at the Genting bus station. That’s when the cold wind started to really blow, and I threw on my jacket. Again, I”ll cut to the chase and say that everything else went smoothly (and that the supposed 20-minute walk from First World to Theme Park Hotel as said by Eric only turned out to be a 5-minute walk.. wtf, boy), and we were able to check in to our room much earlier than was originally stated. So we happily ‘explored’ the room, settled in, and created a little havoc (hey, it wouldn’t be us if no havoc was involved). Oh, and then there was the part where Rachel never forgave Nirosha for sneaking a bottle of Tomato Ketchup from KFC at KL Sentral. x] Then, seeing as it was already lunchtime, we decided to put off the theme park till the next day, so we can wake up early and enjoy the whole day there. So we decided to go to First Wold Plaza instead and go shopping/window shopping/browsing. Heh. =3 Oh, and Shangaree’s friend Chandran took us to the Gohtong Temple. I was sure I haven’t visited it before, until I saw this:

And then I remembered.

I remembered going through old photo albums of when I was a toddler, of when we went to Genting with my grandparents. I remembered taking photo with this horse back then. I also remembered a giraffe, but I couldn’t find it within distance. Maybe it was further down?

But hey, we got to see the sunset! And it was beautiful, though not as beautiful as the view I’m about to tell you later.

Of course, we took a great deal of photos as well (by the end of the trip, we took over 1000 photos O.O ), and one of my favourites:

To cut the story short, we were very lucky the 3 days that we were there. First, there was dinner on our first day there. We were walking around FWP, when Shangaree stopped by the Kampong restaurant to talk to a friend who was working at the counter of the restaurant (she’s worked at Genting before). Next thing we knew, Shangaree approached us (we were busy camwhoring with the towers of spices on display), and said that her friend had a sort of deal for us.. A buy one, free one if you will. So that meant that we only had to pay for 3 people. To summarize it, we  had buffet dinner at the Kampong Restaurant for RM10.70 each.

Woo~ is that some awesome shit or what? *squee*

We ate.. and ate.. AND ate. Lamb, cakes, Mushroom Soup, Pratas, Red Bean Soups, Jellies, Ice Creams, Chocolate Balls (which were orgasmic to our tastebuds), Fried Rice, Watermelons, Coffee, etc etc. Seriously, with the amount of food we took, you’d think we were feeding Africa or something. Lol.

By the time we had our fill, my nose was freezing. I’d use another expression, but just to make this reader-friendly, I’d refrain from using that particular expression. ;) We visited the toilet after that, and probably stayed there for around half an hour honing our skills for the JJ Academy for Pictorial Arts. ROFL. Hands up if you know what I’m referring to. xD

Yeah. NOW do you get the picture? =p After that, Hui Kia and Shangaree said they remembered that there was one place behind our hotel, a park of some sort, that had a view of nearly the entire Genting. They said that the view was beautiful, and asked if we wanted to go there. We said sure, and went on our way. It’s been a while, and they weren’t very sure exactly where it was. We found it in no time, though. I spotted a bit of the view before we even arrived there. And when we did, the word ‘beautiful’ couldn’t quite describe the view that met my eyes. It was GORGEOUS. It was BREATHTAKING. Words failed me. I just kept muttering ‘Wow’ every few minutes. Lights were twinkling everywhere; and in that park, besides a group of Malay guys singing at the other end, it was quiet. Tranquil. And this gorgeous view. I could sit and look at it the whole night.

This was the best my camera could do. >_< But you get the picture.. Right?


Then a little video perhaps? ;) Well… not like it’s any better though, I think. =_= But I DO think that the view is slightly clearer there.

Look at it. Well, maybe you can’t, but.. ah. Oh well.

We got to taking some photos there as well (how could we not??). I think we spent a good.. hour and a half, I think, just taking pictures and admiring the view. After that, we went back to our hotel room and retired to bed soon after, poofed from the long day.

The next day, however, we awoke as early as we could (which is actually not saying much, seeing as a little someone had trouble waking up.. ;p ), and got ready for a day filled with fun theme park rides. We started with the Cyclone (the mini roller coaster), then the spinning Ribena cup thingy (no idea what it’s called,), the Flying Swing (how could we NOT?), The Pirate Ship (which was much better than I had expected it to be, honestly. I was afraid my heart would jump out of my throat, but it was.. nicely thrilling^^), The Go Kart, The Ferris Wheel, the Flume Ride (which soaked us all; and this flume ride went twice! the second one, not as sharp the falling, though. And Aimi, Rachel and I sang the Alphabet as the log was going up the ‘hill’. Hui Kia, Niro and Shangaree sang 10 Little Indians. ROFL.), the Crazy Lab (which made us go O.o, to be honest. Not because it was spellbinding, but it was more of an “Uhh.. that’s it?” kinda reaction) and last but not least, The Corkscrew. The rides were in no particular order, starting from after the Pirate Ship. =p

The Corkscrew wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was.. It didn’t even last 10 minutes! It was nice, though I know absolutely NOTHING can convince  mummy to ride it. She’ll probably kill me, actually. xD But Ashley, if we ever go to Genting, I’ll sit the Corkscrew with you! =D

Then something happened that I think all of us would probably remember for the rest of our lives.

Or not. =3

We decided to sit the Ferris Wheel somewhat last, so that we could see the sunset from high above; a view that was sure to be breathtaking. When we approached the ferris wheel (after riding the Corkscrew for the second time), no one was there save for the operator.

Just our luck! So we hurriedly ran there, and Aimi, Rachel and I arrived there first, so we shared a cart. Hui Kia, Niro & Shangaree went in the 2nd cart after us. Sure enough, the view was nice. When we were on the way down, we wondered to ourselves how many rounds it would go. So just as we arrived at the gate, we asked the operator how many rounds it would go. But just then, the ferris wheel gave a gentle jerk and stopped. I was kinda disappointed. What, only one round? =(

But something didn’t look right. The operator turned to look at the control pads, and muttered “black out.” We immediately looked up at Hui Kia and the rest.. Who were suspended in their carts mid-air. We called out to them that there was a blackout.

To cut THAT story short as well, they were stuck there for.. about half an hour to an hour, I think? The mist began to come in, and the sky grew darker. It was almost 7pm by then, and the Theme Park closed at 7 on weekdays, and 10pm on Weekends. First they (Hui Kia, Niro and Shangaree) were chatting and laughing, then it began to get really chilly (some hadn’t brought their scarves with them up the ferris wheel) when the mist came in, and then they started whining. Shangaree wailed that she wasn’t married yet; that she was too young to die, all those dramatic lines. xD

Shangaree. Yup. x]]

After they finally got down, to no surprise, we were the last ones to leave the park.

For dinner this time, Chandran would take us to the Genting staff cafe. The price suited the dish well; it came in huge portions! When I was done with my Claypot Chicken & Mushroom rice, I felt as if I was so heavily pregnant, that I felt like asking someone to just drag me instead of walking.

I swear, it’s all thanks to Shangaree for all this. And we managed to get the theme park tickets for half the price, too.

So on the last day, we decided to wake up early, check out, take the bus to Sentral KL, and then take a train to Klang to have a quick shop for Punjabi Suits for the upcoming Deepavali at Shangaree’s, then go to Pavilion to meet Hui Kia (who had went out with her friends) there and go shopping at KL. But alas, shopping for the suit, plus altering it took longer than we expected. In the end, we met up in KL Sentral around 7 something in the evening, went to KFC to ta pao dinner, and made it to our 9.45pm train just in time. And yes, we ate in the train.

Surprisingly, Rachel and I only slept around an hour or so in the train; we were too busy looking at all the pictures we took, zooming in to see the most unexpected expressions, and laughing our heads off. The rest looked as well, but they slept off halfway, so me and Rachel saw the pics to the end. And only then did the drowsiness start to kick in for the both of us.

When we arrived in Kampar, we were dead tired. Especially my hands, which had to drag my heavy luggage  (it’s not that I didn’t pack light, it’s the bag itself that’s heavy!) around, and haul them up and down staircases where they didn’t have the trolley path.

Next time, I’ll buy a lighter frickin trolley bag.

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