A Short Write-up…

Because writing the whole thing play-by-play is gonna kill me and fry my brains at the same time. =p

The first day of semester, I was already told by Rachel and the rest that we were gonna make a trip to Ipoh the coming Wednesday, then probably a 2-day trip to Genting the next. Whoa. I was kinda surprised at the suddenness of it all, but at the same time excited; I loved going on trips.^^

But as with me and my bloody antibody, it always has to appear right at the wrong times. I woke up with a painful throat. Then around the afternoon, I felt slightly feverish and that my joints started hurting. But thankfully, nothing too bad, in the sense that other than that, I felt completely fine.^^

We ate breakfast at McDonalds before beginning our journey to Ipoh. After we arrived there, we walked around and shopped. Call me cliche, but as we were walking around, I looked at familiar places that I used to go with ‘you’. Sometimes (most of the time, actually), I hate how this effects me, when on the contrary you don’t seem to be effected by it at all. I feel… almost foolish, to be effected like that when you’re not.

Like for example, when I see this. I think of the KL trip, so automatically, KL trip=you.

And how, whenever I see one of these, I subconsciously take one off the shelf and open and smell it, because you use it.


Anyways, back to the story…

We went in to Sasa, and I saw this:

Strawberry Yogurt face mask.

It smelt SO good, like strawberries and cream/milk! I was very tempted to buy it, but I knew myself better in the sense that if I bought it, I would probably only use it once or twice, then get lazy. x] (There were 2 others: Refreshing Apple and something Peach.)

After lunch in Jusco (Sushi King! ^^), we went to Ipoh Parade for K-Box-ing. We sang (and screamed to Mariah Carey) along to the likes of Take That, Neil Sedaka, Savage Garden, Westlife, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Kris Dayanti, some Chinese songs (which were obviously sang by Hui Kia), and some Korean as well (Gee, Nobody and Because I’m A Girl).

After we finished (which was around 7 something) , we walked around IP (which, to be honest, looked like the Kompleks Teruntum of Ipoh… Only with more shops and a much bigger place overall), and I had wanted to buy myself a pair of comfortable sandals, but they either didn’t fit me, or the design didn’t appeal to me. I ended up only getting myself a black silk nightie from the Reject Shop, because I’ve always wanted a thin-fabricated nightie (that wasn’t too low quality) for Kampar. And I finally found it. ^^

After we finished looking around, we decided to go have dinner out of IP, and hell, the parking lot looked like a horror movie waiting to happen. First thing that came across my mind? L4D zombies. x]] But then other horror movie elements started popping in my head, and thank goodness by then my brain was starting it’s hibernation process so it was too tired to fathom any imagination. ;p

We had dinner at Old Town in Gopeng, then made for home. My eyelids  were like shutters, wanting to flutter shut every few minutes. And here I am now nearly 2 hours after getting back, not sleeping and updating my blog instead. FML.

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