30-Day Blog Challenge,  Just Words. =3

Day 3 – Your Idea Of The Perfect First Date.


I’ll be completely honest. If you ask me, my idea of the perfect first date varies depending on the person I’m with.

And I dunno, this time, I’m leaning more towards spending time with him, just us, in a wide-spaced area. Maybe just gazing at the stars, or overlooking some beautiful view. So, not to be cliche or anything, but our ‘first date’ (if you can call it that), was in itself, perfect, and something I will never forget. I have 2 situations, just in case you say that the other doesn’t count. =p

1) The first proper meeting we had was when him, Ann and I went to the studio to dance. Well, Edward and I danced, Ann mostly used the gym. (And I will never forget the hassel that came before actually arriving at the studio! O_O) Although it was nothing much; just spending time in the studio, I loved it because it was doing something that both of us liked; dancing. Then after that, we went to Tesco to buy stuff. That too, I just loved the time we spent together. (And back then, I remembered secretly admiring him; the way he did everything seemed so.. model-esque, even when he leaned on a rack of food, on his phone. *^^*) Then a gesture I’ll never forget: After telling him about what was stressing me up, before I got out of the car, he reached out to hug me, then kiss me on my forehead. It may not mean much to him, but for me, and especially at that time, it meant the world to me.

2) Then there was that one night. I was having dinner with him and was still very stressed up, so he just asked me randomly what I normally do to let off stress. I told him that if possible, I’d go somewhere with a nice scenery and just take the view in, calming my mind. After dinner, we went driving. I noticed that he was driving around housing areas, and I thought maybe he was searching for someone’s house or something. I asked him where he was going, but he refused to tell me and instead just said “you see la.” So I kept quiet. I wasn’t really in the mood for interrogating anyways either. Then he was driving sorta uphill. I looked around; the houses were pretty big in that area. Then in front of one house, he stopped his car. I looked to the right – and gasped. I saw lights, many tiny lights, and we were high on some hillside.  I looked at him, eyes wide and smiling from ear to ear, and he smirked. He turned the engine off, and I went out of the car to go nearer to the hill. I looked around. I was speechless. The view of Kampar at night. I was touched. Not to the point of crying, but VERY touched nonetheless. When he got out of the car, he walked quietly up to me, then hugged me from behind. It was the first time we actually hugged, but I felt so.. comfy and secure.

I marveled at the view in front of me. I kept thanking him, and he waved it off with an “Aiya, don’t keep saying thank you la.”

I will never forget these moments. They’re as close to perfect as it’ll ever be. Thank you, baby. <3<3

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