Day 4, 5, 6 & 7

Wow. Seems like I have a lot to catch up on on my 3-day absence,  including yesterday’s post, which I slept on. =_= So to save space (and not be ludicrous as to post a separate post for each day I missed) , I’ll post them all here in one post. So here goes:

Day 4 – Your Favorite Photograph Of Your Best Friend

Umm.. If it was up to me, I’d say that the one and only ‘best friend’ that I know for sure would never betray me, never silently cut ties with me just because of something another person said (yes, I never forgot), and whom I could trust my life and soul with, is my one and only sister, Ashley. But for the sake of this post/challenge, I’ll post the pictures of 2 of my closest friends. And yes, I shall post 2 friends. Because I can and will bend the rules a little. =3


The first picture I had in mind was of her kicking a coconut in the same day, but for some reason, I couldn’t find it. And as I’m typing this, my brain is half dead as it is, so I settled for the next best thing.


Back when we were practising for Intermediate at Shu Cia’s studio. She couldn’t do that pose, so she decided to just… ‘present’ it. xD

Day 5 – A Photo Of Yourself Two Years Ago.

Wow, 2 years ago? Hmm.. Let’s see what I can dig up..

Hmm. Seems so long ago, eh? I believe this was taken during a CNY Eve dinner with my family at Vistana Hotel.

Day 6 – A Photo Of An Animal You’d Love To Keep As A Pet.

Ooh, this is easy. It is, without a doubt,

A Tiger and a Dolphin! There’s just something so majestic about them, something so… magical, I feel, the connection with these animals. Sadly, the chances of me actually getting them as pets are close to 0.. T_T

And as a bonus, I found a picture of both my favourite animals together in one pic!

Aww~ See that? Now if only I can get both of them as pets and have them both be so close like this… *dreams on*

Day 7 – Your Dream Wedding.

Ahh. This.

If it was up to me, I wouldn’t want those typical Chinese wedding dinners (dinner at some Chinese restaurant, and having a karaoke session while everyone eats, etc). I don’t mind going through the ‘process’ in which the groom normally has to go through to see the bride (which would be quite fun, actually xD ), but if possible, no Chinese dinners for me. My dream has always been to have my wedding in the backyard of my house (ala American style) or having it in a beach, but then on second thoughts, the wind might just blow everything out of proportion if the wind gets strong enough. Unless someone can guarantee me that it will all go smoothly – no disasters, then I’d go for it.

Just imagine.. exchanging vows/having that first dance during sunset.. The beautiful view by the beach.. *goes all dreamy eyed*

Y’know, on second thoughts, having a wedding anywhere with a beautiful view is good enough for me. ;) And of course, it has to have some Ballet elements somewhere in there. ^^

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