Day 15 & 16 – Something You Don’t Leave The House Without & Your Celebrity Crush.

OK, before you chop my head off for being lazy again, let me say that I had a good excuse for missing yesterday; Rachel, Aimi and I made a 2 1/2 hour cycling trip to Gopeng.

No, I’m serious.

To prove it: a video.

Ok, so off topic, sorry. =p I just wanted to assure you that I wasn’t being lazy or anything.

Ok, so maybe I was a little, but mostly tired.

Really. =3

Anyways, so on to the 2 posts:

Day 15 – Something You Don’t Leave The House Without.

No doubt, it would be my purse and cellphones. They’re like my lifeline. Heh~  No pictures, by the way. Why? Because I’m too lazy to take a picture of them and upload them. =3

Day 16 – Your Celebrity Crush.

Ooh, now THIS, I like. =D And it’s an easy one too. My celebrity infatuation crush is none other than the 180cm, 22 year old beastly idol

Ok Taecyeon.

The boy is one HOT homo sapien if there ever was one. Look~! *points*

I tell ya, I literally nosebled and died, then came back to life, saw this picture, and died again.

NOW do you know why I go gaga for this man? :love: *squee*

I tell you, I was grinning like a loon when I first saw this.

Oh yah. End. xD

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