My very own… Personal photo essay?

I went to Penang the previous Tuesday. And I bet you know the reason. So let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

We left at around 6, after our PhotoJR class – of course with a little rest before going to Ipoh to catch the bus. I liked the lights on the bus though; blue. ^^ But it wasn’t on for long; the driver turned it off after a while. I sat beside this indian lady, who I found out was working in Penang but staying in Ipoh (or was it the other way around? *blank* ), and she couldn’t stop complaining about how the driver was so stupid as to not use the tunnel way, but the old one instead… When in fact, the tunnel was undergoing construction work, so it couldn’t be used. Ah well.

Then we made our way to the jetty when we arrived (thank GOODNESS, because I was beginning to get a little impatient.. =3 ), and I was excited, because I’ve never sat a jetty before this. There, I said it. Call me jakun.  =p

The view of Penang was gorgeous from the jetty. Lights everywhere…

When we docked, I felt slightly anxious. Mostly anxious at HIS reaction upon seeing me. And, as pathetic as it may sound, the moment I saw his car pull up; the moment I opened the door and saw him in the driver’s seat, my heart was thumping in my chest. I was nervous – can you believe it? Even writing this now, I can still feel how my heart was thumping in my ribcage when I saw him; how my throat constricted when I saw his face. I dunno what I expected his reaction to be… maybe happiness?  But it seemed absent. I shall not dwell on it longer – or I may continue this on a not very happy note.

So anyways, Hutton Lodge and Old Penang Guesthouse was a no-no for me, because it was all full. So I took the next best thing: Crystal Guesthouse. Not exactly the cleanest place, but it’ll have to do. And at RM60/day for a room with an attached bathroom (I saw the ones without the bathroom attached, and I didn’t think it was very hygienic), I thought it was a bit pricey given the condition of room. As we were looking for an alternative place for me to stay, a friend called him to go out, but he said he couldn’t because his ‘friend’ was here. Yeah, ouch. *cue mirror breaking sound*

He helped me check in, then stayed with me for about… half an hour before giving out not-so-subtle hints that he was sleepy. He went off shortly after.

The next day, he fetched me around 10.30, and took me around Penang the whole day. We mostly went to either museums, temples, or just went to see the old heritage buildings. They were beautiful, by the way.

Later in the evening, we went to Queensbay mall; after he received a message saying that there was a 70% sale at Converse on shoes. He bought a pair; I couldn’t find any my size. T_T Later then, we went to watch Harry Potter And The DH. After the movie, we took the lift down, since he parked his car outside. As many people were in the lift, he pulled me closer to him. That was the first proper ‘hug’ he initiated since I arrived at Penang.

When we got in the car, he told me that after he sent me back, he was going straight home to hit the sack. He had work the next day and he went out the whole day with me; I appreciated it, though I can’t deny that I was slightly disappointed.

The next day, I went out with Rachel, her brother Timothy, and Hui Kia. We ate dim sum for breakfast (it was GOOD), then went to the Botanical Gardens. It was lovely, and it would have been better if it wasn’t so hot. =p We then went to Gurney, and walked/shopped/ window shopped around. Went to this place called the Clinic Cafe, where the entire restaurant was clinic/hospital themed.

Sauce in a syringe. How unique is that?

Even wheelchairs as chairs. ^^

Also, FINALLY, I got my DSLR.. Though a VERY basic one, and not from the shop I had originally wanted to get it from. Apparently, they didn’t want business. Long story, argh. As if that little service problem in Clinic Cafe wasn’t enough to irk me. =_=

Rachel sent me back at around 4 something, because she had to be back by then. I was playing around with my new ‘toy’, when Edward called me around 5.30. I was mildly surprised, since he told me the day before that he would only be able to see me after 9, as his Contemporary dance class finishes by then. He asked me if I had any long pants, because he thought of bringing me along to dance class to let me try it out. But I didn’t have long (stretchable, that is) pants, so I wore my shorts.

I was excited; I get to dance? =D

The instructor was a nice guy, and Contempt had more basic ballet moves than I ever thought it would have. I really enjoyed the class; though I must say I didn’t really like the froggy jump. It was tiring as hell, and yes, I didn’t have the strength. Monkey-boy, on the other hand, jumped like a spider monkey. He literally flew across the studio; reaching the end in 3-4 jumps. O.O

By the end of the class, my legs were shaking. The result of not dancing for so long. =_= We went to this.. place after dance class, and had a drink. There, I tried out my DSLR too.

Due to rain, we couldn’t go out much after that. We just drove to this dock, and sat in the car. I leaned over to hug him, and he put an arm around me. We stayed like that for a while, me occasionally making talk, before I noticed that he was sleepy again. He sent me back, pulled me over for a short hug and kiss, and that was that. And you probably don’t have to ask what I did after that, when I was by myself.

Maybe that sort of contributed to the mood I was in today; I seemed to be out of it. Little things seem to irk me, though I did a pretty good job in keeping them in, I’d like to think. No one seemed to notice anything awry.

We stopped by Bukit Gantang’s rest house to have dinner, and bought some foodstuff after that which probably means I have some serious dieting to do after. T.T

Anyways, I should probably get some sleep. French midterms are tomorrow, and I’m still awake and clueless. fuck my life.

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