Freedom Bird

I haven’t written a proper poem in a while… What has it been, about 2-3 years now? So forgive me if I sound rusty or not up-to-par.
I just felt like writing again.

Little birdie, flying free
I’ve noticed you from afar
Chirping your beautiful melody
Wings flapping even through the dark.

Then one day you flew to my window; perched on the windowsill
You chirped cheerfully as if to get my attention.

For weeks we kept this meeting up
Just enjoying each other’s company
But one day, you never came
And for days you were not heard nor seen.

I waited at the window without fail
Hoping to catch a faint melody or the sight of wings
And then, oh joy! I saw you
But you flew right past me; and I never heard you sing.

Still I waited patiently
To see and hear your beautiful melody again
But nothing was heard from you
My heart thumped in pain.

Months later, I still gaze out into the starry skies
And pray for your return
Return to the days when I could hear you sing;
When we could be what we used to.

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