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Just.. A Random Post.

Yesterday, I awoke and I couldn’t seem to open my eyes (not literally, it was just.. blur).

So I went to the bathroom and this sight greeted me:

The redness of my left eye subsided mid-day, while my right eye took the whole day to completely subside. No idea why.

Oh, and another thing, I just felt like making a list of Things To Do/Places To See Before I Die. Random, don’t ask me why.

  1. Swim with the dolphins
  2. Visit the Tiger Temple
  3. Visit the Aurora Borealis
  4. Visit Iguazu Falls
  5. Visit/Swim in the Great Barrier Reefs
  6. Visit Antarctica
  7. Visit Galápagos Islands
  8. Visit Iceland
  9. Go to the Lost World Of Atlantis

And you wanna know what the most pathetic/far-fetched thing about this list is?

I’ve actually had this list in mind for sometime already, and dreamed about doing these stuff/going to these places with HIM.

No mood since Monday.

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