Whatta Night.

I went out with Aimi to Ghany for dinner, and then we thought we’d just walk around, because we had nothing to do and exams are over (weeeeee~!). We ended up browsing at Lugano, and I bought these two:


And then we went to 7-11 (after dropping by Maybank, hehe) to buy some stuff. And we ended up buying additional stuff. =3

Anyways, after that, we went back. But before we did, Aimi wanted to drop by Shangaree’s house to pay her for something. We were chatting and walking, and suddenly I felt a nudge on my leg, that at first thought, I thought was a tyre. But almost immediately after thinking that, I knew it was ridiculous. How could just a tyre nudge me from behind?

Before I had time to turn back and look, Aimi beat me to it and scattered. I turned to look, and it was that stray dog that I’ve been seeing around. Next thing I knew, it started nipping at my plastic bags. Then he started jumping on me, and nipping my shorts too. I told him no, swung the plastic bags at him, and threw some tissues to distract him (hey, I was desperate), but he wasn’t distracted for long, and decided I made a better ‘entertainment’ object than any of those. I decided to hurry to Aimi’s house, put my plastic bags in my bike basket, and walk to Shangaree’s house empty handed, in hopes that when the dog saw that I had nothing on my  hands, that he’d leave me be.

But no such luck.

For some reason, it decided that I was interesting to play with, with or without the plastic bags. He still jumped and continued nipping at me playfully, even though I sternly told him no countless times. He would wrap himself around my feet so I couldn’t move, then nip at my heels.

A car had also stopped and offered me to stay in the car until the dog went away, but by then I was already near Aimi’s house and wanted to put my stuff in my basket, so I thanked them and politely declined.

All this while, Aimi ‘took refuge’ in a random house’s porch, and occasionally would apologize for not being able to help me. But she couldn’t help it after all. By this time, my legs were starting to itch. Yes, I’m allergic. I’ll touch and play with dogs, sure, but I’ll have to wash my hands or anywhere that’s touched them after that, otherwise rash-like boils will form, and I’ll start scratching till kingdom comes. xp

Unable to stand the itch, I went inside a random porch and used their tap to rinse my legs, hoping that the itching would at least subside a little. When I walked back out of the house, I was surprised to see Derk in front of the house I was in. He helped us chase the dog away, and told us to hurry and go home. It went off, yes, and Aimi and I managed to walk past a few houses in peace after thanking Derk, but it came right back to me after Derk went off, and poor Aimi had to hide in someone’s porch again. xD

Anyways, when we finally made it to Shangaree’s house, I asked if I could use her bathroom to wash my legs, which were beginning to turn a faint red. I also later found out that the first house Aimi took refuge in belonged to Derk, that’s how he knew. Lol.

When we wanted to go back to Aimi’s house, we looked like ninjas, trying to hide from view of the dog, then made a sprint for Aimi’s house when the dog got himself interested in another couple. Hahahaha.

It was funny, actually. Wouldn’t have had been so bad if the dog just followed, and hadn’t constantly nipped at me. At Aimi’s house after that, I checked to see if I had any food smell on me, but the only thing I could smell was my deodorant. LOL.

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