Floating Lanterns.

We were lucky in a way this year (at least I think so), because at one time, one of Ashley’s friends told her that they were selling those floating lanterns in TC, and I had been wanting to get one myself. Unfortunately when we went looking in the shops at that time, the taukes said they didn’t have it.

So imagine my glee when 2 days ago, Ashley, Dhivya and I were at the beach, and we spotted 3 floating lanterns up in the sky. Then we saw more and more people coming down to beach and releasing their own floating lanterns. I got excited; it meant that TC was selling them after all. =D

We walked by the shops, and finally spotted a bunch of ’em in one of the souvenir shops. It cost RM4 for one, and RM10 for 3. Not bad, in my opinion.

We bought one, and decided to release it at the little beach beside the squash court; it’s more peaceful there. So we took our stuff and went along…. Then as soon as we reached the beach, both Ashley and Dhivya screamed, “GETOUTTATHECAR.GETOUTTATHECAR.NOW!”

I was confused, but hell, I need not be told a second time. I just got my ass outta the car. xD

Why? Turns out there was a baby cockroach right behind Ashley’s seat at the driver’s, and Ashley saw one at the side of mine at the passenger’s seat.


Anyways, this was how they attempted to catch and kill said cockroaches.. who were babies, mind you. xD And yes, I kinda screamed too. Not as loud as they did, but yeah. =p


After the cockroaches were eliminated, we finally got to setting up our lantern and lighting it up.

Which took about.. 20-30 minutes, maybe?

When we got the petroleum cube to finally light up with our lighter, hey presto! It singed a hole at the side of the lantern. As if that wasn’t enough, it later burnt a hole right through the top as well.

No points for guessing if it managed to float or not. =3

Siap siap make wish dy summore. Dhivya was complaining that she made so many wishes, only to have it literally go down in flames. *squee*

To cut the story short, we went back to the beach and bought 3 more.. for RM10. And gave one to the road block policemen. xD

Having learnt our lesson, we did it differently this time in the sense that Ashley sat down on the cement block, lighting the petroleum block, while Dhivya and I held the lantern up to make sure the wind didn’t blow it to the fire once it was lighted.

And we finally did it!

We kept the last one, suggesting that maybe we release it before I go back to Kampar.

And we did.

In fact, we just released it yesterday (technically, because it’s past 12am), shortly after we came home from dinner. ^^

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