I-Have-No-Good-Title-For-This-But-You-Kinda-Know-What-It’s-Gonna-Be-About. xD

Longest title yet.

And it doesn’t even really make sense in the title-ish kinda way. =3

I haven’t had the time to blog properly in ages because I’ve been so busy this semester, it’s crazy! I also haven’t been having enough sleep since semester started.. Which explains the panda eyes. =_= I swear, I just can’t wait for this semester to be over and done with!


Ahem. Back to the story. Not like it’s started yet anyways. =3 Hee~

This Valentine’s Day for me was simple. Normally, if I had a valentine, we’d go lavish ourselves in a nice restaurant. This year, I went out with a shirt and shorts, dammit. x]

It was also different in the way that I celebrated it at KL this time. It was a rather spontaneous decision because he asked me last minute. But I agreed because he had an exam on Monday, and hey, it would definitely be much better than not being able to spend time with him on Valentine’s.

So I packed as light as I could, and left for KL around 7pm on Sunday, after my soft skill talk and both him and Damson doing their hairs.

I stayed at a.. so-called budget hotel called Smart Hotel near his house, and he stayed over with me as well. How thoughtful~ <3 ^^

That night right after we arrived ( ok, not quite, seeing as we were delayed due to someone not staying her ass in one place for us to get her.. xD ) , we went to Genting. Crazy buncha puta madres they are, I tell ya. But that’s why I love ’em anyways. ;)

Genting was freezing, but I loved it. Much better than the extremely hot weather here in Kampar. He’s right, you could get a freaking heat stroke here, I tell ya.

So anyways.. the next day (which was Valentine’s), he took me to Wangsa Walk to jalan-jalan. He also took me to Celebrity Fitness (because he had to pay something there), and I saw the dance studio.

It was so big and spacious and and and… *cries* I miss dancing so much.. *sniffle*

But yeah. It was no big deal, and normally, with others, I’d have felt slightly disappointed at this point, feeling that my partner has not put in effort. But that day (and any other day with him, really), I felt just so goddamn happy just being with him. It’s like his presence alone is enough to make me contented. ^^

Then at night, we went to The Curve. We originally wanted to eat at Tony Roma’s, but the Valentine’s Day package was damn expensive. One person set meal for RM80?? Insane.

So we went to TGIF instead, and both of us shared the meal. Good thing too, I don’t think I’d be able to finish it all by myself.. >_< (And I just had to add where Alex got hit on by a male waiter.. xDD Too epic. x])

Then somewhere along the dinner, he asked Alex to follow him somewhere. He was gone a good few minutes, and Prakash stated obviously that Michael had gone to get me something. He said that if Michael came back with nothing, that I should smack him. xD

I knew as well, and I wondered what he was gonna get me. Whatever it was though, I told myself that I was sure I’d like it. Because hey, we’re still in the process of getting to know each other anyways. We haven’t been together for very long.

But as he has before, he surprised me by getting one of the very things I had secretly been hoping to get.

Couple rings! =D

I was very pleasantly surprised; to be honest, I didn’t know what he’d get me. Turns out he knows me better than I expected! ^^

And then he told me that later, we would go get it engraved. I was thrilled. As if having couple rings wasn’t enough, we could go get it engraved as well? =D I liked the idea of that because it sort of ‘personalizes’ it in a way, in the sense that it contains a unique significant meaning. ^^

Mine: left, His: right. ^^

Warranty card..

I <3 it~^^

So by far, this is the simplest, yet best Valentine I’ve had. It’s true when they say it’s the company and thought that counts. I had a blast in KL although the trip was short, I must say.

Nonetheless, thank you so much jagiya. You really made my day and continue to do so. ^^ I dunno what I did to deserve you, but it must have been something good. =)

I love you, baby. <3

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