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So here’s what’s been happening since my semester break.

I spent almost a week in KL, and enjoyed every moment of every day there (how could I not? <3 ). Although, 2 days before coming back to Kuantan, I had a bad case of the flu.

Stupid sinus. Made me unable to enjoy those last days in KL. >.<

Anyhow, after I got back to Kuantan, as usual, I met up with Liky and the girls at the studio. But that will be a different post, which I will update later here.

Before this, I’ve been meaning to get a haircut. Having had long hair for so long, plus the heat in Kampar, I decided to chop off my locks once and for all. So, the process…


My usual long hair, the one everyone is used to seeing me with.


In the process of treatment.. Eek, My hair is on fiyahhh! xD

The result?


Ta-dah! My new ‘do!

So yeah, that was it. I love it, actually.^^ I think it makes me look more… youthful, if you will. (I make myself sound so old, dammit. lol)


Oh, and another thing.. Remember the ol’ 30-Day Blog Challenge that I did previously? You can go here for the list if you don’t. Well thanks to my friend Satthiya, I’ll be doing another similar challenge, only this one will be based on songs. You can see her post here.

I think it will be just lovely, don’t you? xp

I’ll put up another post sometime soon as the ‘main’ page for the Song challenge and create a new category for it. ^^

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