Song Challenge Day 8 – A Song That You Know All The Words to

Ok, when I read the title, I feel that putting an English song wouldn’t be fair since I grew up speaking it, so it wouldn’t be any surprise to know all the words to it. So instead, how about I post up songs in different language that I know all the words to. Fair enough? Ok, let’s goooo~!



I Believe In You by Celine Dion & Il Divo.

I used to listen to this song and get so inspired. Plus the voices of the legendary Celine Dion and Il Divo makes it such a pleasant listen. ^^



Tong Hua by Guang Liang

This song means a lot to me in so many ways. This was also the song whose video made me cry like hell.



Darkness Eyes by DBSK.

This is one of the songs that never really had a proper MV, so I’ll settle with this one because it had the most views. ^^ I feel a little melancholy with this song because this was the song that attracted me to DBSK, and it was them that made me venture into the Kpop world. So sad now that they’ve split up. =(



Mirotic by DBSK

Again, I’m being honest here. I wish I could say that the first Korean & Japanese songs I knew were either of 2PM or 2AM (biased-ness here =3), but I know for a fact that DBSK was the first Korean band that I fell in love with, and the first member I grew fond of was Yunho, after watching that prank his members set him up with. I fell in love with how he defended the girl even after what she told him. ^^ But when this video came out, I remember freaking out like HELL because Yoochun said my name: Crystal. Yeah yeah, I know he didn’t mean it that way, but still~! Ay, at least he pronounced my name, did he not? xD



Pudar by Rossa

The reason why I count Malay & Indonesian as one is because their language is similar, so if you understand malay, chances are you’d get the gist of what an Indonesian would be saying. So yeah. =p I even remember trying to learn the dance to this song, because it was nice and really simple. ^^

So uhh.. Yeah, I think that’s it? ;p

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