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Things That Make Me Shudder.

I was in Communication Technology class today, having our 3rd lecture. On the topic of how things can effect us morally.

And then he showed us 2 (yes, TWO) clips from a Japanese horror movie titled Suicide Club. By the end of the first one, I was shocked to silence. After the second one, I was disturbed. Well I guess that was one thing Mr Chang was completely and utterly right about; that things could have a moral effect on us. No wonder he warned that if we couldn’t take it, to turn away.

I think it was safe to say that those two videos shocked the class. I know I was. Just thinking back about it makes my heart beat fast. For a gist on the story, it’s about the mass suicide case that had been a problem in Japan for a while now. But to think… that a huge group of high school schoolgirls could PLAN to commit suicide together… And for them to not think of it as scary in the least is, by itself, terribly disturbing. The music that accompanied the scene of the huge number of girls standing by the lrt station, getting ready to commit suicide, is a happy one. Almost music box-ish. And that music accompaniment, I think, makes it all the more creepy.

I mean seriously, who could look forward to killing themselves, and take it so lightly and happily? It seriously disturbs my emotions.

I will not post a video here, because I don’t think I can bring myself to do it. But if you’re really curious, you can look it up on YouTube. I’m sure they have clips of it.

For someone who has thought about suicide, it makes me uneasy. To commit suicide is nothing new. But to happily plan your death with about a dozen other girls? *shudders* It makes me sick to my stomach. The image of the girl jumping onto the railway track, and the split second shot of her head being run over by the train in an explosion of blood is still stuck to my brain up till now.

It’s horrible.

The Suicide Circle makes suicides seem as if was something so very natural, something that is normal and happens everyday.

Two thoughts came into my mind after watching those clips: that 1st, hopefully, after watching that horrible gruesome movie, it would make teenagers realise what suicide literally does to you and discourage teen suicide.
On the other hand, my other thought is rather spine-chilling, and which I hope no one will EVER consider this option; and that is that this movie actually encourages someone to join ‘suicide clubs’ akin to this, and commit a mass suicide.

I hope and pray that none of you will even THINK of considering the latter.

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