Another Ipod Shuffle Quiz Thingy! x]

What’s your name?
Good Girl Bad Girl – Miss A
(WOOT~! xD)

What do you like to do for fun?
Two Is Better Than One – Boys Like Girls (ft Taylor Swift)
(Sooo… I’d rather have company?)

What are you afraid of?
Karma – Alicia Keys
(Yup, cos karma can be a bitch, people.. So look out!)

What kinda people are you attracted to?
Behind These Hazel Eyes – Kelly Clarkson
(So I like hazel-eyed boys?)

Whats your style?
Get Busy – Sean Paul
(Ooh. ;) )

What do you think about?
Rising Sun – DBSK

What’s your goal in life?
I Love You – Kim Jae Won
(Awww. ^^)

What do you dream about?
You Only Love – DBSK
(D’aww. ^^ )

What kinda food do you like?
Caramelldansen – Caramell
(Caramel? LOL)

Where do you live?
My ear’s Candy – Baek Ji Young ft Taecyeon of 2PM

What do you do when you wake up in the morning?
Shots – LMFAO

What do you do on vacation?
Broken Arrow – Pixie Lott
(Aww. =( )

What is your job?
Bed – J. Holiday

If Obama called you on the phone what would you talk about?
Teardrops On My Guitar – Taylor Swift
(So we’re gonna be emo together. xD )

If you were the president of the United States?
My First Kiss – 3OH!3
(Errr… O.o )

What’s your motto?
Your Call – Secondhand Serenade

My name is:: All Or Nothing – O-Town
I:: Tell Him – Celine Dion & Barbara Streisand (Tell him what? O.o)
I love:: The Assumption Song – Arrogant Worms (I do! xD)
I hate:: Crazier – Taylor Swift (This is getting boring…)
I care about:: Situasi – Bunkface (Err.. yes?)
He/She:: Dynamite – Taio Cruz (HELL YEAH! =D )
My Favorite Show Is:: Right Here Waiting – Richard Marx
My Favorite Book is:: Gipsy – Ronan Hardiman
My Favorite Drink Is:: I’ll Be – Edwin McCain (O.o)

How Was Your:
Day:: Heartbeat – 2PM
Night:: Heartbeat – Neneka(?)
Breakfast:: Bbiri Bba Bba – Narsha (wtf?)
Lunch: Keep Your Head Down – DBSK (LOL)
Dinner:: Will Of The Heart – Bleach Soundtrack
Year:: Angel’s Play(?) – Nicholas Tse
Last Christmas:: How To Save A Life – The Fray (O.O xD)
Last Car:: Mama Do – Pixie Lott

Describe Your…
House:: Jal Mothaesso – 2AM (xD)
Room:: Memories – Kangta (Yes, I miss my room back home~ =( )
Current Outfit:: Picture To Burn – Taylor Swift (Should I burn my outfit? O.o LOL)
Appearance:: Hi Ya Ya – DBSK
Hair:: Candles – Hey Monday (So I guess I should burn my hair too? ROFL)
Nails:: Angel – Akon
Eyes:: No Te Queiro – Sophia Del Carmen (I love my eyes~! ^^)
Best Friend:: Cry – Mandy Moore (LOL)
Mom:: Lachata – f(x)
Sister:: I Love You – Rusko (^^)
Brother:: I Surrender – Celine Dion (I really surrender! ROFL xD )
Dad:: I Know You Want Me – Pitbull (WTF??)
Grandparents:: Say Something Anyway – Bellefire (Um.. I’d rather you not. =_=)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:: Don’t Leave Don’t Leave – Brown Eyes (Awww~ really. ^^)
Kisses:: Love – Bruno Mars ( <3 )
Hugs:: Raver’s Special – Rusko

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