You said you don’t dance because you can’t.

You said you sucked at it. But all because of one post, you went out of your way to learn a dance that I had been yearning to do since I saw it in person: Waltz.

You took the time to troll YouTube videos and tutorials, and showed me what you got.

You knew that I had been yearning to dance the waltz with you ever since seeing the practice of Waltz, With Love.

And you did it.

It may not have been much, but your effort and thoughtfulness really got me.

Thank you. It means A LOT to me. =’)


I’ve been waiting for my dreams To turn into something I could believe in

And looking for that Magic rainbow On the horizon, I couldn’t see it

Until I let go, Gave into love.

And watched all the bitterness burn

Now I’m coming alive Body and soul

And feelin’ my world start to turn

And I’ll taste every moment

And live it out loud I know this is the time,

This is the time To be more than a name

Or a face in the crowd

I know this is the time

This is the time of my life.

Now whenever I listen to this song, It makes me cry. =’)

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