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Behind Every Strong, Diligent, Person Who Stands Up For What They Believe In….

… is a tragedy horrible enough to have molded them so.

Every activist has a reason for being so passionate in what they do, and most of the time, it is due to personal experiences; indirectly or not.

A doctor or lawyer passionate about a particular issue/case, mostly experienced something similar in life and is determined to change it and give a better life for others.


I was reading the latest edition of Reader’s Digest when this realization dawned upon me (yes, call me slow. But then again, I might have subconsciously known it all along, but I have never thought about it out loud).

Behind every exceptional person is an event or experience that drove them to excel. Not-so-academically speaking, I’m saying that people need that extra nudge or drive to, literally, drive them to success.

And from another point of view, it is because of said tragedy that a person will have the strength and determination to do what he/she is passionate about.

So you see, people are what they are for a reason. They never ‘just are’. And who are you to doubt and mock them unless you’ve been in their shoes? Because until then, you will NEVER know what it was like for them. And I’m not just talking about the people who have succeeded. Even the people who are on their way to chasing their dreams, and are experiencing hardship as the cost of going after their dreams.

You know that person you always mock for being the ‘less intelligent’ one? The outcast? The one who is always left out at gatherings? Well never doubt him/her, for one day that child will be laughing at your face in his/her success.

Of course, I myself, like everyone else, has gone through my fair share of rough patches. People who have broken me down, stabbed me on the back, and made a deal out of petty things just to get me into trouble. But really, I have to thank every single person who has ever belittled me; who has pretended to be nice to me just to take advantage of me; who broke my heart; who whispered things behind my back, but treated me as if nothing was wrong. I thank each and every one of you for doing that to me because it has taught me many valuable lessons. It taught me to open my eyes and look not just at the surface, but to delve deeper. The people who made fun of my passions and laughed at me only made me realise how much I wanted it; and made me all the more determined to go after it.

I believe in fate, and karma. Whatever you do to me; your blind one-sided accusations,  your mockery, will all do a boomerang and hit you right back in the face one day. I’m not saying that I haven’t been hit by karma. I know I have. Which is why whenever I’m broken, I force myself to be strong and not run away from my problems. I let myself feel it all I want for a period of time, and when I stop, I stop completely, no nonsense.


So what I”m trying to say here is two things:

1. If you’ve ever had a dream, no matter how far fetched, GO FOR IT, and NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOURSELF. Let others mock and belittle you all they want, and use that as a drive to push you more towards your dream. And when you’ve finally made it, LAUGH IN THEIR FUCKING FACE and thank them for their mockery. Because without it, you may not have had the determination to prove them wrong.

2. Every successful (or not) person has their own story. Never sum them up to what kind of person they are just from knowing them from the surface. You never know how life has been for them, and you will never know if you don’t take the chance to listen them out. Never attempt to summarize what kind of person they are just from the way they act in public. They may appear to not have a care in the world, but behind closed doors, you never know how they are.


I dunno what spurred this sudden post, but it all came tumbling out after I read that Digest. As mentioned, my personal experiences also made me all the more passionate to write about this. =p

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