You Make Me Laugh…

SO hard. x]

You seriously think I’d apologise to the one who did wrong? Just because I slammed him with probably something that he would remember his entire life?


You’re so funny, Ashley. But I have to say I”m sorry because that will never happen.

OVER MY DEAD BODY and it’s carcasses long after they’ve decomposed.

I don’t stoop that low. I know I have in the past, but that’s no longer me. I can live with us not talking. Because as blood related as we are, if you chose not to be voluntarily blinded by an outsider who has severed your ties, then I no longer know you.

You want me to apologise to your boyfriend who misused OUR father’s car. And not only his car, but MINE as well. Take advantage of MY stuff. All he needed to do was ask permission. I wouldn’t have minded him using (and even finishing it) if he so much as had the courtesy to ask. It’s called MANNERS, in case you didn’t know.  Now tell me, who’s at fault here?

Also boy, thank you for ruining the relationship between my sister and I probably for ever, or at least as long as she is with you. Thank you, really. You ruined years or relationship just by your selfishness. Don’t you just feel so PROUD of yourself?

If this goes any further, and should you continue to look at me, your flesh-and-blood sister, so lowly like how you would a disgusting beggar, know that I will not hesitate to not call you my sister anymore, as much as that will hurt.

If you had asked that I apologise to YOU, I might have closed an eye and apologised to you, despite being not completely wrong (notice I said ‘not completely’ here. I’m not denying that I did do A LITTLE wrong), for the sake of you being my only sister.

But if you’re willing to chose some boy you’re in love with over your only sister, then fine by me.

We’ll see how this goes. But I have a feeling we won’t be talking for many more months to come, probably even years.

Until you can finally see the irrationality in your request, this could possibly be the end of our sister relationship. I don’t like it – of course I don’t. But the thought of you being so protective of the creature that tore us apart sickens me. It’s like you’ve been bewitched to go against your own family.

Funny, how one guy can tear our relationship apart so easily, isn’t it? I must have not meant much to you in the first place anyway then, for you to be able to simply go against me with a snap of the finger.

But you will learn one day. You will learn that blood is always thicker than water. I would choose family over ANYONE, ANYTIME.  And perhaps one day you will learn that too.

Oh well. I actually have a lot more ‘confessions’, but if I let anymore out, you will DEFINITELY NOT be able to take it. xD Because you’re so used to getting what you want,  that you don’t see others’ demise and getting you your wants. Butttt… You will, one day. When reality smacks you in the face. And here  would like to apologise in advance because I WILL laugh when that happens. ;)

And when it does, hate to say I told you so, but… I TOLD YOU SO. x]

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