The Different Kinds of People…

… that I can’t stand. =_=

Something spurred me to write this post; I won’t tell what, but I’ve been meaning to blog about this topic for a while now anyways. So let’s begin the list, which I will then explain, They are in no particular order; I just listed them as I thought about them:

  1. The Crybaby
  2. The Bossy One
  3. The Pessimist
  4. The Whiny One
  5. The Snoop
  6. The ‘What’s-Yours-Is-Mine’ Person
  7. The ‘I-Don’t-Care-What-You-Say, I’m-Right,You’re-Wrong’ Person

So why can’t I stand people like this? Let’s have a look…

1. The Crybaby – Not to be confused with: The Emotional One.

There is a difference between being a crybaby and just being emotional. Everyone has their emotional moments; when something happens that touches their hearts, be it in a nice way or otherwise. Emotional people cry because they are too happy or sad. Some can be what others call ‘over emotional’, because the slightest things trigger an emotion in them. To me, that extent is still fine. Crybabies, on the other hand, cry at every.little.fucking.thing. Can’t get what they want? Cry. Things don’t turn out how they wanted them to? Cry. No one listens/pay attentions to them? Cry.

These people irk me to no end, which is why I avoid people like this. I mean, it’s ok if you’re 3 years old. But if you’re an adult? It’s pathetic. A sad attempt to get people’s attention.


2. The Bossy One

Not everything has to be your way, honey. Mostly, these are bosses or leaders of some sort. And they think that just because they’re of higher rank than some others, they can get the lower people to do their bidding. Hun, if you ain’t gonna respect people regardless of their class or age, then don’t expect to be respected. ’nuff said.


3.  The Pessimist

I understand if you doubt something. But pessimists seem to doubt EVERYTHING, even if the proof is right in front of their eyes! It’s either they are just that blind, or they refuse to see anyone’s opinion but theirs. For me, I have a very easy solution if I meet someone like this: Stay away from them.


4. The Whiny One.

Now, I’ve had personal experiences with this kind of people because they are/were among the people whom I’ve gotten to know thus far. These people complain about every single thing, and then expect people to take pity on them. For example, Whiny Ones complain about why they can’t get their way, why people don’t seem to like them, why they aren’t pretty/handsome enough, why are other kids getting better stuff than them, the list goes on forever. And worst of all is that following those whiny moments, are dramatic episodes. The next question they’ll ask is stuff like, “Am I really not that good enough?”, “Do I really look that ugly?”, “Am I really damned to live this kind of life forever?”

One word for people like this: SHUT.UP.

I don’t blame the others if they avoid you if that’s the case. Although I admit, I was once that kind of person. Which is why I hated myself so much. Once I got to know how annoying my whinings sound, I immediately tried to stop being so whiny and take things as they come with open arms. Unfortunately I didn’t have someone to tell me to shut up, but THANK GOD I caught myself in time.

Another ‘food-for-thought’ : If you keep whining about those things to yourself and to other people, then YES, your life WILL be forever miserable and you will be forever alone. (Whoaaa, meanie alert~)


5. The Snoop

These people LOVE to poke their noses in other people’s business. Phone messages, phone calls, whatever. They love to listen in/read your personal stuff without your permission, then use it against you. Needless to say I’ve had that done to me, and I will never be able to explain the fury that enraged me at that time. These are the people whom I have to warn not to cross my path. My besties Ann and Lika know very well what I’m capable of when I’m pissed at someone, and if you don’t know, then I suggest you continue being on my good side unless you want to know exactly what I’m capable of, after which I can guarantee you that our friendship will no longer be the same. So don’t test me, snoopers.


6. The ‘What’s-Yours-Is-Mine’ Person/PWHNS

This is another group that I would call in Malay as OTTM, or ‘Orang Tak Tahu Malu’, or loosely translated in English as PWHNS: ‘People Who Have No Shame’. (made it up myself, heh. =3)

They take your stuff without clarifying with you that it’s ok. They assume that it’s ok, and just go on and take/use whatever it is they want. Sure, I think half of the time if they had asked, it WOULD be ok. But the thing is, they don’t. They just help themselves to whatever it is, and then you’re left wondering where’d it all go.


And finally,

7. The ‘I-Don’t-Care-What-You-Say, I’m-Right,You’re-Wrong’ Person

Now, I think with these kind of people is where my blood pressure rockets sky high, and where I get all my wrinkles and grey hairs from. (I just succeeded in making myself sound like an old lady. Wow. *claps hands*)

These people just either won’t let you explain, or won’t hear your explanation. Your part is either not good enough, you’re not making an effort, or you’re just plain slacking off for the heck of it. If you have actually done those, then serve you right. But if you’ve actually been slaving your ass off for it, and get scolded that you’re ‘not making an effort’, that you’re being ‘lazy’ and are ‘not taking it seriously’, honestly, you’d be forgiven if you blew up right on the spot.

Yes, I’ve been through it and I can’t tell you how frustrating that can feel like. Especially when you’ve literally put your sweat, blood and tears into it only to have the other party accuse you of ‘not taking the work seriously’

People like these, I always curse…- ok, ‘curse’ may be too harsh a word.. let’s use ‘unleash karma onto’ instead, aite? xp Ok, so for people like these, I always tell myself that one day, karma will hit them where they literally enslave themselves over something that they have to complete, but get scolded for the very same thing I did; that it isn’t good enough, that it was ‘so obviously’ lazy work, and that they ‘aren’t taking it seriously’. I think only then will they know how the ‘victim’ felt at that time. Also, it serves as a good reality check, I’d like to think.


All of the above, I’m sure some of you might ‘perasan’ that I’m talking about you in particular, and if that’s the case, then so be it – think whatever you would like. It may or may not be true, but I’ve grown tired of explaining myself, and especially defending myself where I’ve done no wrong. But because I hate drama (of the bad kind), I just bite my tongue, swallow my pride, and do what I must to prevent drama the best I can. But sometimes regarding stuff like these, I just have to let out. I’ve hid in the darkness and did not speak up for far too long. It’s time I stood up for myself and spoke out.

Also, a little fact about me: I have a very sarcastic sense of humour. If you don’t know that or don’t see me being sarcastic with you, it is either because I don’t feel that we’re close enough to use it on you, for fear that you might get offended, or you just don’t know me at all. Ask anyone I’m close to (Ann, Lika, and my mum would be a good place to start), and they’ll tell you just how sarcastic I can be. But it’s all good because they know that my humour is sick that way.

If this post hurt any of your feelings, then I’m sorry. But I can honestly tell you that what I just wrote is an exact rendition of how I really feel towards people like that. If you really did feel that this post was meant for you, then I have nothing to say. But if you really do believe yourself to be any one of those ‘people’ mentioned above, then I can see why we are probably not close.

But then again, try not to think negatively. This post may not be about you, after all. =)

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