What’s Important.

If you’re observant, you’ll notice a little change in my blog. ;)

But more importantly, I’m here to ‘officiate’ my new domain by blogging about something that means the world to me: Family, and the Friends that matter.

About a week or so ago, I was at Lika’s house, and I lent her book, The Time Traveler’s Wife. Yes, I’ve finally decided to pick up and read this ol’ book.

The story fairly caught my attention; if I hadn’t have liked reading so much, it might have probably bored me within the first few chapters.  But I still kept reading, somehow.

People who know me close enough know that I’m a firm believer in Karma, and that everything happens for a reason. So I guess me ‘coincidentally’ choosing to pick up this book on that fateful day at Lika’s house actually meant something, because it is from reading this book that I actually learnt something SO simple, yet SO important, that I feel like kind of an idiot for not actually being completely aware of it.

The part that made me stop and realise is the part when Henry was telling Clare about his mother’s death; how it wasn’t their fault to begin with… when in fact, it was because of a reckless driver who happened to be speeding, and unable to stomp the brakes in time due to the slippery road (it happened on Christmas Eve too), crashed onto their car (Henry’s mother was driving; he was.. 9 at that time, I think), causing them to crash into the lorry in front that was carrying metal plates, causing a piece to fall down, cut through their wind shield, and decapitating his mother. Henry managed to somehow time travel during that time out of panic (he couldn’t control his time travelling; it just happens), and since then he has spent every Christmas Eve mourning his mother’s death, feeing bitter and hating himself in a way because he felt that he should have died too.

It may look like an ordinary paragraph that could be in any story; y’know, the main character losing their parent(s) and all. But one of the reason why it affected me as it did was because it was his mother that passed away. I’m very close to my mother as well, so that hit home hard. I suddenly realised that there was no greater pain than losing someone from your family. I decided that whatever pain life decides to throw my way in the future, I will get through it as long as I have my mother/family by my side. Family really is where the heart is, and so as long as I have them to fall back to, I’ll always be okay. =)

After all, I have the person whom I most trust, most love, and can always count on. Why on earth would there be a reason for me NOT to get through life? My #1 fan, best friend, sister, and mother all rolled into one (yes mummy, I’m talking about you). ^^

True, something has happened lately that has not made me very happy (in fact, it made me a moping, sorry-ass looking person), but I will not let it bug my mind.

And if I happen to let it somehow seep into my brain, I have Lika to bring me back to earth.  She can be sarcastic and hilarious and whatnot, but she can be a real gem when you need her. I’ve read/heard about stuff best friends should/would do, but today was the first time I actually read something that touched my heart. Lika wrote “I’m sad because my best friend is sad…” on her Facebook status, and I hadn’t actually realised it until my mother pointed it out to me. She also snapped some sense into me, and said what I have known all along, but have been too clouded by grief to see it. I needed someone who thought like I did to give me advice; that way, it’d be as if I was advising myself – if that makes any sense. So thank you, Lika. You made me feel heaps better. ^^ <3

Oh, and I also saw the trailer of The Time Traveler’s Wife for the first time (yes, I suck, I know…), and it made me cry. The storyline is so touching. T_T Watch the trailer here:


On another note… OMG, I just realised that  ibuzzkorea.com is so many kinds of awesome. =D

They have this interactive flash stuff that lets you ‘explore’ certain parts of Korea. That in itself is awesome, but how I came to that is through coming across the video teaser of the upcoming interactive 2PM and 2AM thingy on ibuzzkorea. And oh my GOD I can’t wait for it to be launched! *squees*

And yes, I was squealing everytime 2PM came out. *^^* I mean, come on, imagine… a date with TAECYEON! On a motorbike! =D xD

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3 Replies to “What’s Important.”

  1. Well, I’m touched. I nearly cried. If not for Ivan kept disturbing me with his “Mummy come see this and that”. Of course I love you soooo much. You’re my very unique daughter and I dare say .. quite similar like me. Clumsy and full of joy and don’t care about the world. LOL !!!

    You’re also my pillar of strength. Without you, I also will die. :D

    <3 you soooooooooooo much !!!!

  2. Hello! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the fantastic work!

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