*Comes out with shield*

Okay… before I explain what the shield is for, can you promise not to kill me? >_<

Ok.. so here’s the thing…



Ok, I decided to do another 30-Day Challenge thingy… *hides behind shield*

I know, I KNOW~! I didn’t even finish the previous Song Challenge.. But but but… This one is interesting! ;p

It’s a celebrity version! =D




Day 1: First Celebrity Obsession

Day 2 & Day 3: First Celebrity Encounter & Favorite Celebrity Encounter

Day 4 & Day 5: Current Celebrity Obsession &  Current Celebrity Crush

Day 6: Current Celebrity Crush #2

Day 7: Current Celebrity Crush #3

Day 8, 9 & 10: Current Celebrity Crush #4, Current Celebrity Crush #5, & A Celebrity You’d Love To Hang Out With

Day 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15: A Celebrity You’d Love To Sit Down and Have A Conversation With, An Artist You’d Love To See Live, A Celebrity You Respect Purely For Talent, A Celebrity You Feel You’d Be Good Friends With, & A Celebrity You Wish Would Adopt You.

Day 16: A Celebrity You Find Beautiful

Day 17: A Celebrity You Are Not At All A Fan Of:

Day 18: A Celebrity You Dislike That Others Seem To Love:

Day 19: A Celebrity You Love That Others Seem To Dislike:

Day 20: Favorite No-Longer-Alive Celebrity:

Day 21: A Celebrity That’s Way More Talented Than The Work They’re Getting:

Day 22: A Celebrity You Find Adorable:

Day 23: A Celebrity You’d Marry Right Here, Right Now:

Day 24: A Celebrity Whose Personality Is Irresistible:

Day 25: A Celebrity You Respect For What They’ve Been Through In Life:

Day 26: A Celebrity You Share A Birthday With

Day 27: A Celebrity You Find Annoying

Day 28: Favorite Under 20 Celebrity

Day 29: Favorite Over 60 Celebrity

Day 30: The Celebrity Fandom That Means The Most To You


See? Now I can finish that… I think. O.o

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