Day 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15: A Celebrity You’d Love To Sit Down and Have A Conversation With, An Artist You’d Love To See Live, A Celebrity You Respect Purely For Talent, A Celebrity You Feel You’d Be Good Friends With, & A Celebrity You Wish Would Adopt You.

Yes, I’m WAY overdue and yes, apparently I can get lazy at blogging too. =.=

And yes, I’ve decided to go by posts instead of catching up all that I missed. Well, unless I feel like it, that is. If I really followed the days, I would have to have 13 posts up by today. @.@ Anyhow, I’ll do as much as I can and as much as I feel like doing. ^^

And yes, this time I’m doing 5 entries in one because I feel like it and partly because I’m bored with nothing else to do, and I don’t feel like sleeping just yet. =B So here’s the first one:

Day 11 : A Celebrity You’d Love To Sit Down and Have A Conversation With.

For some reason, the first celebrity that comes to mind when I read this title was Brian Joo. I dunno, it may be due to what I’ve seen on the Star English program (watch the whole thing in Youtube, Part 1 and Part 2 here), but he really seems like someone I’d want to sit down with to have a deep conversation.

I somehow feel that he’d have a lot of ‘wisdom’ to share about the entertainment business and whatnot too. Plus the fact that he’s so down to earth and humble after all these years just upped my level of respect for him. ^^ Oh, and his inner diva? TOTAL WIN. No one can beat Brian not even G.Na (sorry hun, but you know it’s true. xD) and I think he’d give Jo Kwon a run for his money. xD


Day 12 : An Artist You’d Love To See Live

Other than the obvious, I think I’d settle for something more meaningful, so I think it’d be.. Il Divo or S.E.N.S or someone like that. Someone that would touch my heart and whose art would actually mean something.

Call me weird but if an artist could make me cry any time of their career from a performance, I feel that I can sort of connect to them, so it makes me like them not just on a performance level, but an emotional level as well.

I love orchestra music, especially if it’s played beautifully where it echoes through the walls of the halls and you could feel it vibrating at your very heart. I get the thrill of that, and it inspires me. =p


Day 13 : A Celebrity You Respect Purely For Talent.

The minute I saw this, one celebrity came to mind. This celebrity is a singer that I feel is underrated for his performance, and that he should have gotten more love (not saying he isn’t getting any now, though!).

And that person is Kim Jongwoon.

A.K.A Yesung from Super Junior.

He is among the ‘less famous’ in Super Junior, but every time that boy belts out a high/long note, his voice sends chills up my spine. I think he has one of the most beautiful voices of the 15 members (yes, I count Henry and Zhou Mi as members as well), the other being Kyuhyun. And best dancers (from the group) are, of course, Eunhyuk and Shindong; without a doubt. ^^


Day 14 : A Celebrity You Feel You’d Be Good Friends With.

Hmm. I feel like there’s a lot I would be good friends with. I don’t think I could pick one, Kpop or not. I think maybe… Nickhun, Seulong, Changmin? My brain isn’t working very well at the moment so those are the main few I could think of. ;p

On the non-kpop side.. Maybe… Russel Brand. Ever since seeing his interview with Ellen, I’ve always thought it would be awesome to be friends with him. He’s hilarious, but he knows what matters. ^^ Plus, you gotta love his accent. ;D


Day 15 : A Celebrity You Wish Would Adopt You.

Out of humour, I almost automatically said ‘Brangelina’. xDD

On a more serious note though, if we’re talking about an already-married couple, for some reason the first person that came to mind was Tablo, and then Will Smith. Somehow I think that these two families are just taking fame and all the limelight in their stride and they are still so incredibly humble and level-headed. I think I could use a word of wisdom or two (or three.. or a lot more xD) from them. ;)

For non-married, I’d say… well actually, I have no idea. =p

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