The long awaited… 2PM Concert Post!! =DD

I know, I know.. It’s been long overdue. >_< For some reason, I had been really lazy to type it all up. But watching variety shows with 2PM in them had sort of ‘sparked’ the writing bug, so I thought I’d best pen it down while I’m in the mood. ;)

Everything went as planned (unlike poor Amelia who got stuck at the KTM for about a little over an hour, and had to take the bus to KL instead), and I arrived a little after about 1PM. I took the taxi from Pekelliling/Titiwangsa to Petaling Street, and began finding the hotel, which is supposedly very near.

I dunno, maybe it was just my luck that day, but everyone seemed to have trouble with questions regarding directions. =_=

The taxi driver was a little unsure of the location of our hotel’s venue (My Hotel City, in Petaling Street). He sent me off right in front of Petaling Street, and told me that the hotel is up front, somewhere IN Petaling Street, with a yellow signboard.

I walked a good deal around, looking here and there. Finally, I gave up my meek attempt at finding the place myself (sucks to have a horrible sense of direction.. T_T ), and went into 7/11 to ask for directions. I would have asked any of the people from the many stalls in PS, but they all only looked interested at getting people to buy from their stalls. Anyway so at 7/11 I asked the Malay counter lady if she knew where ‘My City Hotel’ was. Without even so much as looking up at me, she said she didn’t know because she ‘wasn’t from here’.

How friendly. ==

So then I finally decided to call the hotel as ask them personally for directions. And it iffed me as well. Why? Firstly, the speaker sounded as if he didn’t really understand me, although I know I spoke loud and clear. But then again, he sounded like he didn’t understand English very much. He gave me some directions, and mentioned the same ‘yellow signboard’ that the taxi driver mentioned.

So I got out, and searched again.

And it wasn’t until a few minutes that I finally spotted the hotel… which had been right in front of me since the beginning. Why?

  1. 1. It was called just City Hotel instead of My City Hotel.
  2. It was around PS area, but it was OUTSIDE PS. And I mean directly outside.
  3. 2. The bloody ‘yellow signboard’ that both men had mentioned was actually a RED freaking signboard with YELLOW fonts. ==
  4. The guy at the hotel must have had his directions mixed up, because it wasn’t located as where he had told me.

No wonder I had trouble finding it!

I silently cursed too because I had to help Amelia take her fanpack, and according to the forum, they said that they’ll be there only until 2PM (I only JUST noticed the irony. How stupid can I get? =.=”). Those who couldn’t make it before then could only take their fanpacks after the concert.

And let’s be honest, where would the fun be if you took your fanpack after the concert? ;)

But I didn’t rush, because by the time I checked it, it was already past 2PM. I couldn’t do anything about it, so I just let it be. And that was when I took my first vlog:



So after everything, I went and asked the receptionist where Stadium Negara was and how long it would take to get there. He told me that it was just behind, and that I could go there by foot. After I got out of the hotel, go left, straight, then turn right, he said.

Turns out I had to go straight, then turn LEFT. After a while I was kinda afraid I was lost or something, so I hailed a cab. He drove about a minute from where I was and told me this was it. I was surprised, but thankfully before I got down, I noticed that there were literally no one there (which I knew was amiss, because at concerts like these people will DEFINITELY go there as early as they can to get seats, especially since it’s free seating), and then I noticed the name above the building: Merdeka.

I told the taxi driver that I wanted to go to Stadium Negara, not Stadium Merdeka. He then asked if it’s the Bukit Jalil stadium, and I said no. I repeated that it was Stadium Negara. He then said something like, “Oh, the one near Bukit Jalil area lah~” or something like that, and then he drove off. I thought he knew where it was already and since I’m SO not a KL person, I had no clue where anything is located. Thank God I was messaging Amelia at that time, who told me that Stadium Negara is in fact just behind Stadium Merdeka. I mentioned this to the taxi driver, who then FINALLY got it and went to the correct place this time.

What.the.hell, seriously.

Anyways, the first thing I thought of upon arriving was, “OMG THE MERCH!” There were stalls upon stalls of 2PM merchandise all along the strips of road!



Of course, I couldn’t help looking around. I came literally without anything 2PM, and I felt really empty. =3 After buying some stuff (lightsticks: a MUST! =D), I went in.

It was only 3.20PM and already a LOT of people were there. I even felt like I came late, seeing the amount of people that were already there.




Long story short, the waiting wasn’t so bad, because I managed to get a shaded spot. Also, I managed to of course make a few Hottest friends there. ^^

It was waiting to go in the stadium and the going in that kills. >.< We all stood, squashed to each other VERY LITERALLY. Plus the heat makes it even more horrible.



and that’s only about HALF of the crowd. O.o

But once we were in… That’s when a bit of the excitement caught up. And we took another vlog. ;)



We were hot, tired, sweaty, and frankly, we’re just happy to finally be able to be in.




I still couldn’t believe what I was about to witness. I asked Amelia to pinch me, and she did, but I felt numb. No pain.

This was too surreal. I was about to see my idols in person. I was silently freaking out, to be honest.

The moment the show started, I screamed my lungs out. And I continued to scream throughout the show whenever a new song came on. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use my dslr so I couldn’t get any clear pics. T_T


Clearest picture of Taecyeon I could get with my phone. T_T


But I can say this though: Chansung came to our side quite often. =D And around the third or fourth time, he came to our side of the stage, he waved, turned his back on us, and did a butt wave.

LOL. Everyone was SCREAMING. If only I recorded that moment… but everything happened so fast that I didn’t have time to whip out my phone. T_T

And then came one part where 2PM whipped out a baskets of roses and threw them to the audience. Taecyeon came over to our side of the stage, took a rose, kissed it, then tossed it to the audience.



I cried even harder. T_________T

No, I’m kidding. I didn’t cry. But I WAS pretty darn upset because we couldn’t get ANYTHING they threw our way, because we were sitting quite high up.

Actually Taecyeon came to our side a few times.. And when he did, I, of course, screamed louder than ever… if that was possible. =3

Taec and Khun also sang My Valentine, and Taec came to our side too. ^^

But the part I was not satisfied about… that I still think of until today… is this:

During one of the last bits, the encore, 2PM came to stage wearing shirts and all; casual wear. Nickhun came to our side, and I think Junho joined later. We screamed, of course.

Then they went back centre stage, and not long after that, Taecyeon came. As usual, I screamed and waved. Then he did the unthinkable.

He jumped off the stage, and ran up to the stands.



EDIT: Fancam added! (Not taken by me, of course.)


The moment he jumped off, Amelia tugged at me. “GO, GO! FASTER GO!”

She knew how much I loved Taecyeon, so the moment he jumped off stage, she immediately told me to go.

But the stampede that followed….

I got pushed down, and I never got to touch or shake hands with Taecyeon. T_T T_T

By the time I got back up and reached out to him (his back was turned), he went back to the stage shortly after that. T_T

I was REALLY bummed, but something at least cheered me up a little after the performance.

As everyone already knows, I’m sure, Nickhun’s family was there at the concert too. His mum, Cherreen and Nichan were there to watch Nickhun.

Now Amelia has a girl crush on Cherreen. Lol. So she suggested that we go down after the show is over and see if we can take pictures with them. I agreed, since well… Nichan is pretty FINEEE himself. xp

And well, FINALLY luck was on us. We managed to catch them as they were almost leaving, and when most of the fans have already exited the hall. Amelia tapped Nickhun’s mum on the shoulder asked if we could take pictures. His mum smiled and said sure. I swear, Nickhun has one of the cutest and best mums in the world. She’s so humble and kind and sweet! I also went up to Nichan and asked if I could have a picture with him. His exact words were “Yeah, sure…”



After we got pictures with Nichchan and his mum, Amelia went looking for Cherreen. We also spotted her without much of a crowd, to our amazing luck. Amelia tapped Cherreen’s shoulder and asked for a picture. After getting the ‘ok’, Amelia tried calling one of the staff there to take the picture for us. She waved and called, but the staff either couldn’t hear her, or they pretended not to. Cherreen then offered to take the picture herself, and she took Amelia’s poloroid, and took a photo of the 3 of us herself.




It took a while for it to actually sink in; that we took photo with Nickhun’s family. We couldn’t manage to get pictures with 2PM themselves, but it was the next best thing. ^^

Then as we were walking back to our hotel, we caught up with 2PM’s van, which were stuck in the jam. Amelia was determined to wave at them and get a response, but the curtains were closed. Still, she looked for any opening, and kept waving once in a while.

Then, one hand appeared and waved back.

And we spazzed. Because it was only the 2 of us when we waved. Lol.

We dunno for sure whose hand it was, but something tells me it was Junsu for some reason. I have no idea why.

Back at the hotel, we recorded our final vlog:



And I went back the next day, still bummed about the Taecyeon thingy. LOL. Oh well, I’ll be there next year, and whatever it is, I’M GETTING ROCK PIT TICKETS! >=]

And some last pictures:


The merch I bought. ;p

2PM, I’ll see you next year! =D <3

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