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My Resolution

In other words, goal for 2012.

I know, I know… I can already hear some of you groan at the very mention.

To be honest I don’t really think much of resolutions either; rather, I think of it as goals I want to achieve this year. Then at least I’d have something to work on. So here goes, in no particular order:


1. To be happy. 

Such a simple statement… But let’s face it, how many of us actually live by this? It’s so easy to tell others to be happy, but to do it, is another thing all together. Being happy isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can’t just convince everyone that you’re happy simply by laughing and being all jolly. The trick is to really be happy; honestly, truthfully happy and satisfied with yourself and your life. And for that, you’ll have to learn to be thankful first. ;)

2. To not allow others to interfere in what I love doing.

For too long, I have played the coward and gave in to what people wanted me to do; what they think I should do and what’s ‘best’ for me. But I am adult enough (no kidding =_=) to know what makes me happy and what doesn’t. So now, I will do what I love, not what I am forced to do.

3. Appreciate the people dear to me.

So often, this statement gets underrated and overlooked… until it becomes too late. I think I remind myself of this every year, but I don’t seem to be doing enough. So here’s another reminder to appreciate the people dear to me, and remind them as often as I can about how much they mean to me, while I still can. Also a reminder to not make assumptions when I’m mad, because often times the logic of the brain will be clouded when you’re angry. So yeah.

4. Don’t be afraid to take chances.

Some chances don’t come twice in life. And sometimes, we let that chance slip by because of our lack of judgement, or in some cases, something that clouds our thought. I’m gonna try and seize as many chances as they come, regardless of what they are, though of course, not in a haste.

5. No dream is ever too big/unreachable.

If you believe it, if you think about it often enough that you can’t go to sleep at night, if you just can’t see yourself living without it, if you would do anything to achieve that, then do it. Provided of course, no harm is done. Because if you already know how much it means to you, and if it really matters that much, then surely you would be able/willing to go through whatever you have to to get through it. And always remember that failure is just part of the success. NEVER GIVE UP.

6. Listen to my heart, but trust my intuition.

In other words, follow my gut, but throw caution to the wind. They say to always follow your heart, and while it’s true, sometimes, your heart can be misled by overwhelming feelings. And normally when that happens, that’s when your intuition will kick in (sometimes very subtly, so you have to be able to identify it). And so they say; if you’re a girl, we all have that woman’s  intuition. ;) So listen to your heart, but allow your brain room for logic too. ^^
I think that’s all I really have at the moment. Of course there are more that I either find too petty to mention (as in it would already be understood), or it happens to slip my mind at the moment. Whatever it is, I think I’ve got the important ones down.
So here’s to a better year! Cheers! ^^


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