An Unlikely One/ ‘Hantu Dalam Botol Kicap’ Mini-Review.


My first movie-review?

This calls for a celebration, man. celebrate!! celebrate!! celebrate!! xD



You know that feeling you get when you just somehow get the urge to watch a particular movie? A movie that you wouldn’t normally WANT to watch?

Yes? No?

No, seriously. No?

Ok, then maybe it’s just me. =/


But my mum was watching A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, and she asked me if I wanted to watch with. I’ve watched the White Castle one, and, well.. it’s funny, yes, but it’s the kind of show I’d watch if, say, nothing was on or someone stumbled on it and wanted to watch.

Sorry.. =/ Perhaps it’s just not my cup of tea. I’m more of a ‘Little Britain‘ kinda person, I guess.

Anyhow.. Back to the subject at hand.

My mum had bought a few other DVDs when she bought the Harold & Kumar one, so I told her that I kinda wanted to watch the Malay horror/comedy one she bought, Hantu Dalam Botol Kicap (loosely translated, ‘The Ghost in the Sauce Bottle’). I knew it was a comedy because I saw bits of preview from the movie being shown at the CD shop where she bought them from, and for some reason, I was in the mood for some Malay comedies.

I find that I seem to like Malay comedies more rather than Chinese comedies. Forgive me for saying this, but while Malay comedies can sometimes be a little silly and have a cliche storyline, I find that it tends to entertain better and somehow, as silly as the punchlines will be, you’ll find yourselves laughing to it.

On the other hand, I find that most Chinese comedies are downright stupid. I dunno… or maybe their kind of sense of humour just doesn’t GET me. Their kind of sense of humour involves humiliation (yes, we have that element in other movies too, but this is just… STUPID. Then again, this is just my opinion, so… don’t hate, people.), and.. I really dunno. Half of the time I’m watching Chinese comedies, I’ll be sitting there with my eyebrows raised thinking, ‘what the fuck.. seriously?’

And names like ‘Seiko’, ‘Iron Eagle’, ‘Sing’ and ‘Donut’… I mean, FOR REAL? It’s okay to say that those are so-and-so’s nicknames or AKAs, but for that to be the character’s real names…. I just have no words. ==

Talk about lame jokes. ==

Ok, ok.. I got a little too carried away there..

So here’s the poster of said Malay movie:


Fat version of The Exorcist?


But really, don’t let the poster fool you. This show is anything BUT scary.

In fact, I find that big black monster there has kind of a cute character. Minus the fact that it has a set of what looks like huge saggy tities, that is. That was kind of disturbing… a little. O.o

Don’t believe me? Watch a short promotional clip directly from the ghosts themselves!



Now tell me how you could possibly get scared of THAT. =p

Ok, so yes, the plot is a little cliche, but what I LOVED most about the movie is that the ghosts have random, English outburts! lol

With them calling out sentences like, “My husbandddd~~”, “You like that bebeh (baby)?” (and NO, it’s not in the 18sx sense, you perverts!) and “Issss iiiittttt?” xD

Oh, and trust me, it doesn’t sound irritating like the way some of those ‘Mat Datins’ (the Malay ladies who have a rank) say it. The ghosts sound so.. cute. Really. Lol

Watch the trailer below, and look out for the last bit of said trailer… One of the ghosts say the ‘my husband’ line. xD


So I mean.. if you asked me if I would watch the movie a second time, I’d say yes.

Just to hear those ghosts have their little English outbursts. xD

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