Survey… Thingy… Yeah.

I was bored so I took this survey.

Your argument is invalid. xD


Thought Provoking Survey
Thought Provoking Survey
Would you rather be blind or deaf? Blind. Because at least then I’d still be able to see things that are beautiful.
Lose an arm or a leg? Erm… I think I’d go for leg. Because we have more use for our hands than feet… I think. =3
Live and let die or die and let live? Live and let die, definitely.
Which way would you rather die? In my sleep.
Live in a world without color or a world without electricity? Hmm. This is hard.. erm.. I never thought I’d say this, but… I’d rather live in a world without electricity. A world without colour would just be… DULL.
Get burned or suffocate? Can I choose NEITHER? =/
Eat a snake or get eaten by a snake? To the snake: Sorry mate, I wouldn’t wanna get eaten, so…
Sit on top of a tower with a metal rod or wrestle with a blood-thirsty lion? Definitely metal rod. I SUCK at defending myself. ><
A psycho killer is chasing you- which weapon would you rather him have? A bubble gun? xD
Would you rather… yes….?
Would you rather… I’d rather be in cold climate rather than hot. Yeah.
Let the world discover your deepest secret or lose your best friend? Let the world know my secret. I’d rather that than lose my best friend.
World without t.v. or without computers? WITHOUT TV. I can live without TVs. xD
World without animals or without fast food/junk food? Definitely without junk food. Animals are LOVELY companions. ^^
Lose an eye or an ear? Ear. Fo sho’.
Live without hair or live in poverty? Without hair. You can always accessorize with a hat or something.
Marry an ugly bum that you love or a hot man/woman you don’t love? Ugly bum that I love. No point marrying someone you DON’T love, is there?
End the survey or keep going? YOU DON’T SAY?

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