Pet Peeves… Or are they?

Let me give y’all a heads up. This ain’t gonna be one happy entry, and if it had a rating, let’s just say it would be rated M for Mature, due to some cuss words that I’m sure will ‘appear’ in this post. =p

So yeah. Like I do before every harsh post, I’ll remind you guys that should you choose to go on and read this, you’re reading it AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Ok. So here we go.

First pet peeve: FREELOADERS.



I really dunno what these people are thinking, or whether they even HAVE a sense of humility in them. (;-_-)  They don’t feel embarrassed at all living in someone else’s place, NOT paying their share of the rent, and using other people’s things to their heart’s content. Worse, they don’t even offer to reimburse what they have finished/used. ==

I mean, seriously? Don’t you have any SHAME?  :cross:

And normally, freeloaders are at an age where they should have enough COMMON SENSE in them (college, university) to know otherwise. Either that, or they just plain love the fact that they are getting everything for free and don’t have to do a fucking thing. :crross:

Honestly, I’d like to take all the freeloaders in the world and put them together in one house. See how they live then.  t(-.-t)


Second Pet Peeve: People who lend your things, and never take good care of them.



And I’m not just talking about the breakables here, people.

I’m talking about people who, again, have the guts to lend your stuff and never give it back to you in proper form. Be it lending a book and giving it back; pages torn apart, ‘lending’ your stuff and using them more than you ever did (and never giving them back, I might add), or lending a car, and not taking care of it (which is why I never really trust a guy I don’t know to drive my car… Not ALL guys, mind you. It’s just that MOST guys love driving real fast. If they drive fast yet safe, then that’s another story. And though I don’t exactly take care of my car at the extent my mum does, I still love my car. lol ).

I don’t get which part of ‘IT’S NOT YOURS’ don’t these people get. :bish:

And the irony of that is…? If you ought to do the same to them, they would HATE you for it.

Gee, prejudiced much? :rejected:


Third per peeve: People who have absolutely NO MANNERS.




I can’t tell you how irritated I am with people like that. They make me roll my eyes. They make me avoid them.

People who do not have the sense to say a simple ‘thank you‘, ‘excuse me‘, or even a plain ‘no, thank you‘. And especially, people like the above who talk loudly on their phones and letting the entire place into their conversation. ESPECIALLY if it’s boasting themselves in some way.

GOOD GOD, PEOPLE!   grr :-x :roll:

THANK GOODNESS my mum brought my sister and I up by teaching us manners. I can’t IMAGINE being brought up without an ounce of manners instilled in me. I would have bitch-slapped myself. With a chair. A metal one, at that. SERIOUSLY. (#+_+)

Also, by ‘manners’, I do mean in ALL SENSE of manners.

People who sit in public with their legs up. People who sneeze/cough/ burp loudly in public and without saying ‘excuse me’. (If you’re at home in your room alone or something, then by all means go ahead. I do it too. BUT NOT IN PUBLIC, GOD DAMMIT!)


Lastly, people who don’t say sorry/never admit their mistakes.


I get it it you don’t want to seem insincere by saying sorry when you don’t mean it or when it is inapplicable, but at least offer for a compromise, people. :roll:

What irks me more, however, is the second one.

I dunno if it’s just plain ego and the fact that you refuse for others to see that you make mistakes too, or some other sorry-ass excuse.

You made a mistake. So what?? Everybody does!  ¬_¬

And if you had denied being wrong in the first place to determinedly ‘insist’ that you’re perfect… well guess what? You just made yourself look not-so-perfect. The moment you deny doing something you obviously did, that already makes you a few percent less perfect in other people’s eyes.

And reality check here, people: NO ONE IS PERFECT!

Sorry to break your bubble honey, but it’s true. And that definitely includes YOU.

So stop constantly framing the blame on other people and fucking take responsibility for your own doings like an adult!


Wow. I honestly dunno what spurred me to do a post about pet peeves (oh wait, I DO. *sarcasm alert*! xD ). But yeah. Enough is enough. I’ve been having recurring occurances with said violaters that I just can’t stand it anymore. And well, I do feel a little better after penning the thoughts in my blog normally, so.. yeah.

I do already feel better… Or maybe I’m just feeling a little blur… O.o

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