My Take On Life.

Sounds oh-so-philosophical, no?

I promise you that it’s anything BUT. In my opinion, anyways. xD


So here’s the thing; lately some stuff has been happening around me that kinda irks me.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about people who CONSTANTLY feel sorry for themselves whenever they’re faced with any obstacle.


I mean, I understand, it sucks to feel like you’re worthless and stupid and literally an idiot. Really, I do. I am one of those people.

But experiences has taught me to suck it up and move on.


Yes, it’s hard.

And yes, it’s gonna take a while to get used to. I’m not saying that it’s gonna be easy as pie.



But my theory is this: EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES.



You won’t be able to avoid that no matter how hard you try. But the other thing with mistakes is that you can either amend them, or, if unfortunately it is beyond repair, then you’d have to just learn from your mistake and move on.

What’s done is done, and you can’t take that back. There’s no do-overs in life. So what CAN you do?

You can either accept the fact that yes, you made a mistake, and try your best to reduce the damage as much as possible; or, you can sit and whine all about your ‘talent’ in decision-making (or lack thereof), which, would not do any good.

Sitting down and complaining and asking for pity will NOT get you anywhere. In fact, it may actually do the opposite; make you feel worse than you already are.


I actually get really annoyed with people who play the pity role and goes all ‘woe-is-me’.

Come on, let’s be real here. What happens when you whine and moan about your misfortune?


So the conclusion I have come up with is that you’re just seeking attention/is an attention-whore. You want the world to sympathize with you and pity you, but really, after you get all the attention you were hoping for, what next?

People will start to avoid you because of your constant whining.

So for God’s sake, don’t whine. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Alright, so maybe you can spend a few moments thinking back about the mistake you’ve made and what you could have done differently, but make sure you realise that you can’t undo what has been done.

So you made a spit-of-a-second decision that ruined your relationship. Do you think that complaining/lamenting about it would make him/her go back to you? I mean.. I’ve experienced something similar, and it all BUT made me go back. In fact, it irritated me SO much that I cut all contact with the person for a while.


So yes.

Life is gonna throw a HELL LOTTA stuff at you. If you’re gonna just sit and take it and complain and whine, then you might as well be falling into a depression and die.

No, I’m kidding. xD

On a serious note though, I can tell you that whatever trying obstacle you just faced will definitely not be your last.

STOP complaining, STOP whining about it, and STOP feeling sorry for your own ass and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Because your problems sure as hell ain’t gonna go away or get any better from you just bitching and moaning about it.

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