Of Autisms and B****-slapping Old Ladies.

Now I’m sure y’all have heard of/seen the video of this one guy in Singapore who had apparently pushed an old lady down a bus just because she ‘pressed the button late’. (If you haven’t, don’t worry, I’ll put the video below.)

I would also like to state here, before you read further, that this post is OPINIONATED. Yes, it is based on MY OPINION. I’m not saying that what I say is right; rather, it is what I think. You are free to disagree; after all, we each have our own opinions.

I first heard of this from Singaporean blogger Xiaxue‘s Twitter, when she wrote,

http://youtu.be/yexAR4t4Wx8 Omg check out this horrid guy who shoved an old lady off the bus and tried to slap her!! (source@iamnatho)

I didn’t really think much of it then. Sure, I thought that whoever slaps an elderly is crossing the line, but it didn’t really interest me much, until I saw her next tweet:

https://www.facebook.com/eXAKR/posts/2807198317973 This is his explanation? OMG WHAT A WHINY SELF ENTITLED ASSHOLE. Hate him even more now. Shit attitude in life!

Well THAT got me interested. xD

So I actually clicked that facebook link and read that first, which was said guy’s explanation (or side) to the events, which I will give my opinion of later in this post. Only a while after reading the guy’s (whose Facebook name is Alex Ong) side of the story did I come to watching the video.

I will not post Alex’s explanation; you can click on the link and read it for yourself. But I WILL post paragraphs from his statement, and explain why I disagreed with it.

Sentences in italic are Alex’s statements, and the normal fonts are my thoughts.


Now, I know I should never have done this, but if you were in my shoes, you of course could have exploded as well.

Uhh, NO. It’s an OLD LADY. And we all know older people can get a little ‘naggy’ and cranky sometimes. I would have closed an eye and tried to ignore her raised voice. That, and be the bigger person and just apologize to the old lady. ==

I called my father just in case the old lady escalated the case, causing me to be detained by the police.

UHHHH… How old are you again? Still need to call your father to ‘protect’ you? =_=”

I have been holding back all of these for a very long time, with only a few close to me who knew. I guess now is the time to bare it all. I have OCD, I had clinical depression resulting from the abuse I went through in NS and secondary school, and when I was younger I was diagnosed with ASD.

Uhh, sorry mate, but using your diagnosis to get pity votes? That’s just PATHETIC. What you are diagnosed with gives you NO right whatsoever to mistreat someone. You got bullied? Well HEY, join the club of about millions out there! If you’re keen on doing the ‘right thing’, if you’ve been bullied, then I’m sure you know how it feels like. Why do it to others?

“The only reason why I did any of this was because deep-down inside, I felt offended, I felt the need to defend myself.”

Yeah. Defend yourself against an old lady. SURE. What’s the most she can do? Hit you with her shopping bags?

“I do not represent a society of decaying morals. I’m a product of a society that has abused me, neglected me, and ultimately, misunderstood me. I do not represent the decay of morals, I am the product of the decay of morals society has on individuals like myself.”

Self-pity. EURGH I HATE SELF-PITY. (In Russell Peters’ words: BE A MAN!)

“When your life dreams are taken away right in front of you, by people who are supposed to help you, with the help of people who are determined to make your life miserable, the amount of rage that builds up inside you can only be immense. “

Honey, when MY dreams are taken away from me, I F****** TAKE IT BACK! Sure it won’t be easy. Nothing worthy in life is. But you gotta PROVE yourself worthy and CHASE after your dreams, no matter what! Whining about how difficult of a life you’ve had won’t make your dreams come to you. In fact it DETERS it even MORE.  Nothing comes easy and if you’re expected to be ‘served’ your dream on a silver platter, then I guess I can see why the ‘jobs you like are near-impossible to come by’.


And then, I saw the video.



And let’s be honest here, people.

Just from watching the video alone, I was disgusted with this Alex. I have close to no respect for people who shout at elders, no less PUSH them.

I dunno, but the way I was brought up, even raising your voice to an elderly (angrily, I mean. Speaking louder to those who are hearing impaired do not count) is considered a great disrespect.

To be honest with you, I couldn’t watch the entire video in one seating. It was too much for me. It was everything against what I had been taught in the manners department.


But then as I was typing this post out, I visited Alex’s Facebook profile. There are several more statuses added after his former, viral one, of course, One of them being:


Let me get some facts straight.

1. I have already apologised to the old lady, and she has accepted my apology.
2. I am deeply remorseful over the whole incident, and I still worry for her.
3. Everything was on a fit of anger; try telling me you can think rationally when you are angry.
4. Try not to get pissed off at such minor matters when you have been having emotional issues for weeks. When you are angry over something, anything else that annoys you will get you angry as well. Tell me you never experienced any of this.
5. Do any of you really, truly know what it is like to be in my shoes? Really?


Ok, so that sort of mellowed down my outrage at Alex, but if there was one thing that crept up more strongly than it had before, it was annoyance.

I would have forgiven the fact that he did all those, if not for his updates every few hours stating his ‘hardships’ in life.


We don’t need to know all that. In fact, it makes you sound a little more pathetic than you already put yourself up for (sorry, mate). I’m not scoffing at your hardships. Everyone has them. But when someone uses that as the main excuse for their shortcomings, that becomes very pathetic.

It tells people that the reason you’re disclosing all these now is not the fact that you didn’t want people to know about it, as quoted by you (I’m not saying you’re lying, though),  is because you want the people’s pity vote in your innocence.

In this case, by telling all who would listen/read about the ‘disabilities’ that you have.

There should be NO excuse for your actions, and you should take responsibility for what you have done like a man, not throwing out ‘pity excuses’ in hopes that society will lessen their flaming. In fact, firing out these excuses may just earn you MORE flamers, who can’t stand that you’re not owning up to the matter like a man, but cowering behind the pity votes.

There are no excuses for incidents like these, except if you had been mentally challenged.

So yes.

Alex Ong, I commend you for coming out in public and apologizing (I know that it must have taken much courage and brushing aside your ego; which is praiseworthy), and the fact that the old lady herself has forgiven you; from your statement, so society, you can tone down that flaming now. But there is no need to tell the world what a hard life you went through. That part of your life is hardly relevant in this ‘viral case’.

On behalf of you, I hope that this drama ends for you soon.

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