Goodies on Amazon.

Just another lazy day, and I happen to be browsing Amazon.
I try not to go there; not because I hate it, but because once I start browsing,


Worse, I’ll find so many things I want from there, but can’t afford. Photobucket Like these items:



Yes, it’s heaven for Harry Potter nerds (*coughmecoughcough*). Imagine being able to make all the foodstuff from the Harry Potter series! (I’m kinda hoping they have Fred & George’s Skiving Snackboxes and all of their mischief shop things as well.. complete with the effects… That’d be EPIC Photobucket)


And then there’s THIS.

(Forgive me, I’m kinda going on a Harry Potter spree here, because I happened to click one HP item, and then started browsing all related items. If you’re not a HP fan, then skip these few items… There’s different ones below!)


A Harry Potter Years 1-5 Limited Edition Gift Set.

In case you’re wondering what’s in there… A little excerpt from Amazon about it:

Limited Edition Package Includes:
Special Trunk Packaging
Two-Disc Editions of Harry Potter 1-5
Harry Potter Interactive DVD Game
5 Collectible Bookmarks
16 Collectible Trading Cards

3 Hours of Special Content
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
2001 International TV Special: A Glimpse Into the World of Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
2002 HBO First Look Special: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Revealed
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
2004 HBO First Look Special: Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban: Something Wicked This Way Comes
2004 ABC Special: The Making of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban
Interview with Alfonso Cuaron (in Spanish, subtitled)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
2005 ITV/Granada Special: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire: Behind the Magic
2005 ITV/Granada Special: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire: Some Animal Magic
2005 HBO First Look Special: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire: Dark Matters, New Masters
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
2007 International TV Special: Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix: The Rebellion Begins
2007 HBO First Look Special: Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix: Fulfilling a Prophecy

HOLY SHIT. Photobucket


And then they also have the Marauder’s Map:

Which, unfortunately, is kinda… a little.. currently… well, unavailable. Photobucket

I wonder how it’s like though… And whether there’ll be little moving dots of sorts too..


And for those of you who have a thing for the wands, well… I have good news for you. Photobucket



I know, I know.

So these wands can’t really do anything except make you look and feel exceptionally stupid as you prance about the house, muttering curses and spells.

But hey, if you’re anything like me (probably a little immature, with the kid still not fully gotten rid of in you), you’d LOVE to have a collection of these wands… to make you feel that much closer of being a wizard. (told you.)


And then, for those of you who LOVE little do-it-yourself cooking stuff (forkids*cough*), try looking at this:

The Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit: From Peppermint Humbugs to Sugar Mice – Conjure Up Your Own Magical Confections.


You get to make Harry Potter confectionery y’all.


And last Harry Potter item (I promise):


Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans! Photobucket

I’ve always wanted to try those… Even those weird flavours.. Makes it all the more exciting, no? ;)


Ok, now something different.. How about Ballet?

Ballet Beautiful Classic 60-Minute Workout by Mary Helen Bowers.

I know I do Ballet, but hey, no harm done doing some extra Ballet workout, no? ;)


The next one is not suited for me, but it’s still ADORABLE nonetheless.

Little pony necklace! SO CUTE!
I can imagine little girls wearing this, it was too adorable to NOT post. ^^


Now some of these are really simple pendants; nothing fancy and/or no complicated workmanship. But sometimes, simple is better. Also, I tend to prefer thicker pendants. Too thin and they look like they might break easily. =(
I LOVE these! Photobucket
(Also, I have this thing for pendants. And rings.)


So um… I think I’ll stop here for today.

I might post some more when I feel like it!

Currently, I’m feeling kinda sleepy~~~ so yeah. Photobucket

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