My Own Personal Review of Motorway.

Yellow! (That’s my way of saying ‘hello’, in case any of you didn’t get that…)

I seem to be doing a lot of reviews lately, eh? Maybe it’s just an excuse I’m giving myself to update more… Not that I’m complaining though. ;D


So yeah. I just saw the Chinese movie ‘Motorway’ last night, and I shall give it a short review.

MY own review, that is.

Because I know that there’s probably A LOT that I don’t know; given that first and foremost, it is a CHINESE movie, and that I literally had to depend on reading the Malay subtitles to know what was happening/going on. Photobucket


That, and I admit that there’s not much about Chinese stuff that I know about.

To clarify, I AM a Chinese, but I could be an ABC (American Born Chinese) for all it’s worth. My family speaks English and lean more towards the Westernised side, which would explain my lack of Chinese knowledge.


Sort of. Photobucket



Anyways… So Motorway is a story about a bunch of Hong Kong cops (at first I thought the film was shot in Singapore because of the street called ‘Kowloon’.. I thought Kowloon was in Singapore. Geography FAIL! Photobucket *facepalm* ), chasing this pair of road offenders who were going to steal a diamond from somewhere, and which one of the guy from the pair (also a kickass driver and drifter) had been a long-time fugitive and road offender.

And well, if there was one thing I learnt about Honky (what we call Hong kong-ers) cops were that they ALL were pretty damn good drivers themselves. They could drift, and do loadsa car stunts.


Except maneuver their cars in really tight places, apparently.


So the main character apparently has more of a passion for fast driving than the other cops, and tends to chase down road offenders by matching their speed,even as they step on it.

Another thing about the movie is that apparently, Honky cops drive FREAKING AUDIS to chase down the road offenders.


WHAT. Photobucket


They really THAT rich ah?? Photobucket


I’m not really what you would call a ‘car fan’, but DUDE. It’s an AUDI.

Even someone who isn’t a car freak knows what an Audi is.

For those of you who really don’t know, though, it looks like this:


DON’T ASK ME WHAT VERSION. I just know that it’s a FREAKING AUDI by the logo. Photobucket

 I dunno if this was the exact model used in the movie (though I don’t think so; the one in the movie was a little more… squarish, I think?), but it IS black.. And looked oh-so-sexy.

There was one scene of the main character smoking in the Audi, and I couldn’t help but cringe. You’re SMOKING in an Audi dude??  I personally would have taken care of my car the way my mum is doing to her precious Honda City first edition. Maybe even more so.

Imagine all the ashes flying everywhere in the car.. Photobucket


And of course, as always happens in police stories, the poor Audi ends up being totalled over in the final chase.

But I guess there’s probably a lot more Audis where that came from, eh?

Part of me wants to head over to Hong Kong and see if the policemen there really DO have Audis as police cars…

and maybe ask if I can just… sit…. in one.


So yeah, basically 90% of the show involves police cars chasing the bad guys everywhere. Through alleyways, parking lots, and even (of course,) drifting through really narrow corners.

Reminds me of Kampar about 2 years ago when I sat in Edward’s car and he did a few little drifts at the empty space at Westlake.. It was… thrilling, I admit, but that was probably because he wasn’t going about half as fast as those guys on Motorway were.

I think I would have peed in my pants.

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