I cried when I watched their proposal video.

I cried when I watched them exchange their vows.


And it made me all the more realise that in order to have the wedding I so yearn for in the future, I have to settle for my expectations, and nothing less.

Of course, I’m not vying that I HAVE to have a lavish wedding. That would be a little (ok, VERY) unrealistic. That is, unless I marry some rich person. Tim and Audrey’s wedding is small, but lovely. It’s the company that counts.


My future husband, whoever he may be, has to have these qualities:


  1. ROMANTIC (A must, as I found out that being with someone who is not romantic only disappoints me and makes me very unhappy)
  2. Loves kids (and so, he must be willing to HELP ME TAKE CARE OF THEM; and I mean the ENTIRE PACKAGE. Including cleaning them up.)
  3. Have GOOD MANNERS. I can’t stand guys who have no manners. In fact, I HATE them.
  4. Be sociable. I wouldn’t want my husband to just sit there and not mix around with my family/friends, only talking to them when they talk to him.
Additional points if:
  1. He’s taller than me.
  2. He’s multilingual. (I love guys who can speak many languages)
  3. Is musically/dance inclined. I ADORE guys who can play the piano or violin, or whom can dance. I think that adds about 50+ more charm points. ;p


If I don’t find anyone that has all 4 of those major qualities above,  I think it would be safe to say that I will not get married. I don’t think I can spend my entire life living with someone who has any less. Friend-wise, definitely, but as far as lifetime commitment goes, I don’t think so.


I’ve always settled for less before this; thinking that perhaps I might be able to close an eye over the missing qualities or that I may turn out to not REQUIRE those qualities. But at the end of the day, as I sit in front of my laptop watching videos like these, it makes me sad. Disappointed, actually.


So if someone can prove to me that he has all these qualities PERMANENTLY (not just during courting period.. which would be another of my pet peeves: all the sweet talk and promises that disappear after the ‘spark’ of courtship has gone), then you’ve got me.

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