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This post was written in my Dance Blog, and I’m just reposting it here because.. well, I feel that it is just THAT epic and that the whole world needs to know it. xD


Don’t you just love it when something just makes you smile;

Maybe even shed a tear or two…
Knowing that you did the right thing…
And have absolutely no regrets? ^^

I just watched Step Up Revolution last night and found one main thing ironic:

First, that the lead characters’ story is somewhat similar to mine; with, of course, some big exceptions. Emily’s dad doesn’t believe that dance is a wise ‘career’; meaning that he doesn’t think dance will pay the bills. My dad and grandparents think that too. Sean’s sister, whom he’s living with, encourages him to get a ‘proper job’ because ‘dancing isn’t a job’. And yes, my dad and grandparents think that too.

So naturally, when Emily had that conversation with her dad, it hit home. Thank God for those 3D glasses because I shed some tears at that part. And I don’t think my boyfie noticed, so thank goodness. xD

The main difference is, however, that as ‘unheard of’ as The Mob may be, they are DEFINITELY about a gazillion times better than I am at dancing, and it makes me kinda sad to know that there isn’t anything CLOSE to the Mob where I live.

But also, it made me realise and think.

I shouldn’t let the lack of opportunities stop me from doing what I love to do. If I can’t afford to pay for lessons to learn, then I shall learn them on my own.
There are many ‘How-To’ videos on YouTube, and although it may not be the best way to learn it, it’s most definitely better than nothing.

Another part I got a little teary at was the Art Gallery scene, I think. The dances were GORGEOUS. Of course, extra points that there was a beautiful Ballet scene too!

It’s not the best quality, I know, but just wait till there’s a HD version. And no, it’s not my recording.

The other irony is this: 

I’m not known for my tears.

That is to say, I very rarely show my tears to people.

And even when a touching or sad scene comes on, I hold it in and don’t cry because I’m probably watching it with my family or friends.

But when I watched this, I cried TWICE. My eyes just welled up and the tears fell before I could blink them away.

Even in Ballet class YEARS ago, I was known as one of the ‘tough ones’ to not cry whenever Gino yelled at me. But just a simple scene from a dance movie could trigger all that emotion. 

Well would you look at that.

So to end this, the movie also made me realise… that I may not be anywhere near the kind of dancing I’d like to be doing, but it’s a start. It’s better than not dancing at all.

I have no regrets leaving uni at all. 

Here are some scenes from the new movie.


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