Well howdy there!

I bet some of y’all have definitely noticed the difference in my blog.. If not, then I shall tell you…

I’ve changed my domain. AGAIN. =3

It’s not an intentional or deliberate thing, I promise.. I’m not doing it because I love changing domains.. It’s too troublesome, to tell you the truth.

The reason I changed domains was because my former domain, mylifeaskrystle.com , was expiring and the cost of the domain is a little too pricey for me to upkeep. Before this, Klue (the hosting I was hosting my blog on) offered to move me to a .com domain for free because of a delay in something (as ‘penance’, if you will), and I misunderstood that they will continue to keep paying it for me for as long as I used the domain name. So yeah, that’s the story of my new domain.

I knew from the off that I wanted a .rain.nu domain from the previously known as Bubble.nu, mainly because the song Kiss The Rain by pianist Yiruma is my late Ballet teacher’s ‘song’, something that holds very dear to my heart.

Ok, so now that we’ve got all the unnecessary part outta the way… here’s to officiating my new domain name!



Ok so this time, I want to talk about something that gives me a mixed feeling; bittersweet and melancholy, yet sometimes, a positive thing and an opportunity for improvement.

The word is: CHANGE.



I’ve found that I’ve gotten slightly sensitive about this issue, because more often than not, it gives me bad memories. Changes that have left very permanent scars in my heart; and I’m not just talking relationship-wise here.

We all know how much it sucks when someone changes; if they’ve changed for the better, that’s a different story. We would be happy for them and share their happiness, no?

I’m talking about change in the kind of… abandonment kinda way, if that makes sense.

Changes that leave you in dazed confusion; because try as you may, you cannot fathom being the cause of it. And yet… It seems as if everything that caused it fell on your shoulders. Your sole shoulders to bear. Emotionally bearing the brunt of it all.

But let me get one thing straight: I’m a straightforward kind of person. If there’s anything I did or said that isn’t right or had hurt you, I want you to TELL me. I don’t tolerate someone keeping a grudge on me and then treating me like shit for something I never knew I did. I admit, I know that the things I say can be a tad bit sarcastic sometimes, but hey, I grew up with my sister, and her personality tends to kinda rubs off of me too, ya know?

My opinion is this: if you don’t tell me what I’ve done or said wrong, how the hell would I know that what I did was wrong in the first place?? Even opinion-wise, I’d rather someone be brutally honest (and yes, I am VERY aware that sometimes, the truth hurts) with me rather than try to sugar-coat stuff and then talk shit about me behind my back.

Heck, how do you think I ‘appear’ to be so strong all the time? I am brutally honest to myself, because I HATE to give myself false hopes. The saying goes to treat someone like how you want to be treated; I guess that’s why I tend to be so honest to people; because I expect them to do the same to me!

But I get surprised so many times… even by people whom I thought I knew… Which goes to show how you will never REALLY know somebody, EVER. I’m sure even your best friends have at least ONE thing they’ve never told you, regardless of how long you’ve been friends.

But I’m not trying to point any fingers or put the blame on anybody here. I just need to vent out my frustrations about a similar situation that happened to me a while ago. To be honest, I still don’t know what caused it because that person hasn’t told me. That person may deny the changes, but I know this person TOO well. I can detect just by this person’s body language if there’s something different. Best part is that this person knows very well too how I prefer someone being honest to me rather than put on a fake facade in front of me. It will only frustrate me more and anger me. You will then be labeled as ‘fake’ in my books.

And don’t give me all that “being-nice-to-someone-you-don’t-like-is-not-being-fake,-it’s-being-mature” crap. It’s not being ‘mature’, it’s being PLATONIC. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

I’ve tried to just ignore it at first, and conclude that this person is probably having a bad day or just isn’t in the mood or something. But further proof makes it so blatantly obvious, heck, even Hellen Keller would notice!

I’m not saying out names, but if you feel that this post is about you, then, well… you must be guilty of something, no? ;)

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