Again, Some Late Night Ponderings…

I just turned 24 4 days ago.

And I’ve been noticing that a lot of people around me are getting married/are married with kids. Friends my age, especially, and some even younger.

But I’m not feeling the pressure to go get hitched at all. Sure, I HAVE thought about getting married and all and of course I DO wanna get married someday.

Just not anytime soon.

If I find the right person, then sure. But I’m in no hurry.

And I just realised the reason today.

If you don’t already know, I’m a HOPELESS ROMANTIC. I LOVE romantic gestures and little surprises from my man. And I absolutely HATE guys who say that the reason they rarely do anything romantic is because if they constantly do it, it will become ‘stale’.

My opinion?


In order for me to see someone as husband material, they HAVE to have ALL 4 of these MAIN personalities:

  1. Sense of humour.
  2. Loves kids/get along well with children.


Believe me, I have tried compromising in the romantic department, and I find that I just CAN’T. When and if I do, I’ll just end up SO disappointed at the lack of romantic-ness that my attraction towards the guy just kind of… dissolves, and I lose interest.

I know my expectations/standards are really high and that guys who stay romantic throughout are a real SLIM catch, but I guess I have to live with it. Because if I marry someone who isn’t romantic, I’ll spend the rest of my life disappointed and unhappy on more occasions than not, especially during special occasions.

And OF COURSE I don’t mean it in the materialistic way. I don’t expect to be lavished with expensive and elaborate gifts. It’s the little actions and the words that you say.  And I like myself some PDA. And no, not in the extreme kind. But I appreciate a boyfriend who isn’t afraid to show that he loves me in public, not one who just holds hands.

I’m aware that having my standards too high will probably hinder a lot of things. But I want what’s best for me, and I can’t afford to keep disappointing myself due to my poor choices. It’s time I get what I rightfully deserve.

So yeah. Until I find someone who has all 3 personalities I mentioned, I’m NOT GETTING MARRIED. So until you think you can be a tad bit more romantic like how you were before we got together, sorry, marriage is out of the question.

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