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You know how random I can be, and how I can find inspirations at the randomest times and with the randomest things. Well today is one of those days. xD


I was actually watching The Ellen Show on Youtube, when somehow it changed to Nick Vujicic.

Now I think most people know who he is.. he’s no stranger to the ‘inspiring speakers’ department.

So well yeah, anyways… Something he said caught my attention, and I decided to blog about it.


“Who am I? I’m Nick Vujicic, but who is that?”


Good question, I think. Like Nick says, we tend to conform too much to what we WANT others to think we are. But at the end of the day, we’re only exhausting ourselves to be someone we’re not.

So I decided to make a list. A list of things that make me, well, ME. I will not pretend or fake to be anything; this list will contain everything raw about me. So who am I? Here goes:

Who am I? I am Krystle and here is who I really am…

  1. A dancer, first and foremost. I know I’m not exactly nearly as good as the other dancers out there, and I know that I’m not even the best in my class, but I love dancing. It’s the only time I can express myself.
  2. I DO drink alcohol, but I can’t drink much because I’ll get a headache… because of my migraine… I think. =3 Either that or I just have very low alcohol tolerance. =p
  3. The thing with me is, I’m a little slow. So I may need more time than others to grasp something. If you are impatient with me or snap at me, I will not go to you to ask any questions anymore.
  4. My patience can run a little thin sometimes. Especially if it’s anything to do with mentality.
  5. I am someone who HATES Chinese girls who act cute. Especially Duck Faces. Seriously, I can’t stand them. AT ALL. It originates from JAPANESE girls. So by you doing it, it will NOT make you look ‘kawaii’. >< Even that word is overused so much, it’s lost it’s meaning. ==
  6. Also, I can’t stand Chinese Ah Bengs who think that they’re ‘cool’ if they follow the latest trends. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when they boast about how much they know about a DSLR cam’s specs or something… That’s just plain irritating.
  7. I’m a VERY romantic person, so I tend to get disappointed if my partner isn’t, because I’m all about little gestures of love. I love little surprises in all forms (GOOD surprises, that is! ).
  8. I cannot stand people who constantly feel sorry for themselves. Because personally, if you ask me, if you’re unhappy about something, you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Otherwise you have no right to complain.
  9. I do not judge people until I know them. There have been many instances where first impressions about someone have been wrong.
  10. I get sentimental VERY easily. Maybe it’s due to the mental abuse I got when I was younger, I dunno, but I just do. Although, I manage to hide them pretty well and only let the tears fall when I’m alone. Most of the time. =p
  11. I’m not exactly happy with my body (weight-wise), but I AM thankful that I’m not obese. Also, I know that me not being happy with my body is not an excuse because like I said, something CAN be done. And I’m working on it. ;)
  12. I’m honest. I don’t normally speak my mind, though; unless you wanna know my opinion, or I really can’t stand it and have to say it to your face. ;p
  13. I have a soft spot for animals. ANY animal. I’d rather see a human get hurt rather than an animal.
  14. I LOVE typing.  I really really do.
  15. I’m a novel bookworm. MPH, Libraries, I can stay there for HOURS.
  16. Music = <3.

Well I’m sure there are a lot more things that define who I am, but as of now, I think it’s enough. =p

That, and I always tend to get sleepy about halfway through lists. xp

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