Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!



This Christmas has been really pleasant for me because honestly and truthfully, I wasn’t expecting presents at all! And it just turns out that the people I least expect to give me presents, did!


Thanks guys, I loved every one of it! (L-R: From Uncle Ricky & Family, Ann, & Dhivya)


Also, my sister decided to make Lasagna this year, and last minute decided to make fruit punch as well. Dhivya came along to help, and I can say that it is all 3 of us’ first time making Lasagna on our own. Everything was done through trial and error, and I can safely say that no ingredients were short; in fact, we improvised and added additional stuff too.



A lot of things didn’t go as planned though.

First and foremost, we started late. Then both the Tomato Meat Sauce and Cheese sauce did not taste right although we followed the recipe word-for-word.

We ended up adding a bit more of everything, including spices like Basil and Italian Herbs.


And Paprika.




Ok, maybe not THAT much. xD

But Dhivya DID went crazy on that one, adding it to almost every sauce dish.  lol

And then when we poured the sauces on the Lasagna ribbons, Dhivya sprinkled the cheese on them like she was doing some ritualistic Indian blessing on the Lasagna. Hahahahaha  keke

So needless to say, with all the baking and everything, we were late to arrive at my grandparents’ place.


But the Lasagna DID look good as it was baking!

So after we arrived with the food and whatnot, Mummy was the first to dig into the Lasagna.

And she was VERY amazed.

Because it ‘tasted heavenly’ (her words, I swear).

She then gave us some as we were busy preparing the punch, and I must say… All of us had underestimated ourselves!  celebrate!!

But Dhivya STRONGLY insisted that the main reason for it being so good was because of her Paprika. xD

Indian through and through, that one. lol

And of course, I had wine and beer too. ;)

The sad thing is that I have work tomorrow, so celebrations must be short-lived. =(

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