Chugga Chugga Choo Choo~!

Metaphorically, of course.


Ok, so here’s the thing… Some things have been irking me so much lately, that I feel the strong urge to lash out. And yes, it is regarding my number one pet peeve and the originator of 99% of my issues with other people:



Let’s face it; I grew up in a family where even raising your voice to someone older than you is considered a GREAT disrespect. I was taught that regardless of hierarchy in whatever matter (work, class, etc), I was to respect people who were older than I am. That, and that those who respect me (I’m not speaking of the ‘Hail Me’ and ‘I expect to be respected by EVERYONE‘ sense; just that people who respect me as a person),  I respect. I mean that in a sense where someone respects me as a person to understand that I may have different views than them; that I will not always agree with their point of view, and they are okay with that.

Also, those people who chew their food loudly, burp unashamedly, freeload, use/finish other people’s things without permission, I absolutely CAN’T STAND THEM.

BUT, I admit I’m not all prim and proper, but DUDE. At lease have some DECENCY to behave properly in public!  wtf

It’s like, DUDE, I don’t care which end the wind came from, it’s disgusting regardless!  =/

It has become so much so that nowadays, when the rare ones are nice and being a rightful gentlemen, they’re automatically assumed to be flirting or that there’s something going on between them.  swt

Honey, just because your egoistical and boisterous ways don’t get the girls, doesn’t mean you should go hating on guys who actually treat the opposite sex the way they should be treated.

One thing I gotta say to y’all who think that way: HATERS GONNA HATE.  x]  ;p (and potatoes gonna potate. xD )


So, regarding respect, lemme explain in more detail about it.

The most common form of disrespect that I’ve been exposed to (and subjected to) is in the form of hierarchy positions.

In other words, people of higher posts that think it is okay to look down upon and belittle the people who are of lower rank than them.  :roll:

Seriously, honey, I know you’re ‘superior’ in terms of post. But honestly, you can be the CEO or Head of the Armani franchise (just an example, people!) for all I care, if you’re not respecting me as a person, I sure as hell won’t respect you. Sure, at work I’ll definitely respect you because one, chances are, you’re older than me and two, because whatever it is, you are of a higher position than I am. So I will respect that.

Like I said, I’ve been taught to respect people above me. So regardless of how you treat me, there will definitely be some sort of humility respect in me for you, but just know that all of this ‘respect’ only goes work-deep. Because you’re only higher than me in the workplace/household. Outside of the constraining four-walls, know that my respect for you will immediately dissolve because honey, I would NEVER want to respect you more than I have to.


Throughout the years, I have learnt one thing when it comes to respect: I will treat others EXACTLY like how they treat me. What do I mean by that? Well let me explain…

If, for example, I had asked someone for help when I needed it, and that person gave all kinds of excuses to NOT help me, then when that same person requests for help, I’d do the same: give excuses.

If someone had ridiculed me in public on purpose, I will do the same. Only, I will not stoop to that level in which I will announce loudly whatever it is to ridicule the person; in fact, I will subtly and sarcastically pose questions where the other person will be trapped at answering.

If someone had jumped in to help me the moment they got wind that I needed help, I’ll be the first one there should the other person need my help.


It’s all in good karma, people. blahblah  I’m a very strong believer of karma because hey, it has proven that it DOES exist in more times than I can count.

Naturally, I would love to help people who need help. I do not embarrass people in public, and if I have beef with any of them of if there’s some kind of problem, I will ASK them about it first. And I don’t mean shouting it out to the other end of the room so everyone else can hear it. ==  I don’t think that’s very… appropriate or professional, if you ask me. Unless, of course, that person has done something to be praised about.


I guess it’s true what they say that if a person has gone through something, that thing (that had happened to that person) will affect the person more strongly in the future; as in that person will feel more strongly about that issue than others, maybe.

I’ve had people who have had a bad day snap at me at the slightest thing just because they weren’t in a good mood. My opinion? How you feel about a particular person shouldn’t be reflected off of other people around you as well. THEY didn’t do anything wrong to you, so you shouldn’t snap at them just because, for example, someone pissed you off at work. Another example that I think would be closer to home is (literally)  like, say… I argued with my dad this morning, and because I’m mad at my dad, I unleash my anger at my sister when she asks me something. I snap at her and shout at her. Don’t you think that it isn’t fair that I let out the anger I had for my dad on my sister as well? When she had not done anything but ask me an innocent question? Aha~


Anyways I think I got my message across clearly. I do not want to make this a super long post and bore the shit outta my readers anyway.  =p

So the next time you treat me a certain way, make sure that that’s exactly how you would like to be treated as well, because it is exactly how I’m gonna treat you.

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