Pulau Perhentian!

Bet y’all saw this coming from a MILE away eh? xD

But because I’m feeling lazy to type it all up in proper sentences that connect (I was there for FOUR DAYS y’all. FOUR! You wouldn’t expect me to go into such detail on all four days, do ya? ;p ), I’ll just number them in terms of event, and write about it, ok?


1. We left his house at about 1-ish in the morning. Then we dropped by McD to get something to munch. As far as I knew, it only took 3 hours tops to get from Kuantan to Terengganu, where the jetty will be to Pulau Perhentian, but… according to my boyfriend, he said it would take close to 5 hours. I’m horrible with all these, so I just took his word for it and never questioned. It was already raining on and off since evening, and the road we happened to travel on was pitch black most of the time with very little lighting. My imagination ran wild, but I tried to push it all back. Secretly, I cursed the people for not putting lamp posts along the roads. Plus the rain made it all the more dangerous. ==


2. We arrived at the jetty at about 6-ish, with a little help from my Waze navigator. So Kelvin’s estimation had been kinda exact. lol But then we found out that the next boat to PP would be at 9am. So we literally had about 2 ½ hours to kill. It was all good up till about 7am. Then those damn BLOODSUCKERS came out. I was literally eaten alive! And yes, I mean mosquitoes.

3. So at 9am Malaysian time (which was around 9.15am, to be exact == ) , I couldn’t be happier to get out of that mosquito-infested place. Oh, and I should also mention that within that waiting time frame, Kelvin ‘made friends’ with this couple from Schizuan, China. Mainly because the couple couldn’t speak much English, and the guy in charge at the jetty was Malay. I thought they were really cute, and I was always fascinated to hear them speak due to their really deep Chinese accent…. that I couldn’t really understand for shit. =p xD I was also told that the boat ride to PP would take about 45mins – 1 hour. I didn’t think it would be any problem because I don’t get seasick. In fact, I love boat rides. ^^


4. I GOT ALL WET. The sea was extra choppy due to the continuous rain, and sea spray splashed all of us. My right side (including my pants, because the seat was already wet from the rain when we got in) was completely wet, and my right butt cheek had a bruise due to the bumpiness of the boat. But still, it was a lot of fun. ;) I didn’t mind getting wet at all because I knew that we were going to check in soon, so I could have a shower and clean up. I was pretty excited to see the room though. ;)


5. OH.MY.GOODNESS. No one said we had to walk up such a steep pathway and such a long way to the bloody resort! My legs were a little aching from the bumpiness of the previous boat ride, and now I have to walk such a steep way? >< MAD KUDOS to Kelvin though… He managed to carry both our bags and walk the entire way without it looking like much effort.. =p So the welcome drink could not have tasted more heavenly after sweating like mad from the walk.



6. I loved the room. Though it was not exactly how I was expecting it to be, it was really nice and homey. And soon enough, the room grew on me. It really felt like our own little place. <3 We spent the first day resting, mostly, because we kinda knew it would be tiring; which was why we stayed for 4 days, not the usual 3 Days 2 Nights. I only had one issue though: I DIDN’T KNOW THE SHOPS CLOSED SO EARLY! Like I said, we spent almost the whole day resting, so when we woke up after our earlier drinks in the evening, Everywhere was closed. The beach was dark, save for the lights of the resort. O.o Luckily we had brought something to munch, otherwise we’d have gone to bed hungry. ><


7. The next day was snorkeling day! =D And it also happened to be Kelvin’s birthday. ^^ We were going to go to three points: Fish/Coral, Shark, and Turtle. I was also thankful that the boat ride to those points weren’t as bumpy, otherwise I’d have a bruise on my left butt cheek to compliment my right one. >< I was really nervous about seeing the sharks, but as I snorkeled there, I was kinda anticipating to see a small one. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any, but the rest did. >< Kelvin said he saw one almost at my length. O_o We had no luck at Turtle Point either, not having saw any turtles. But I DID get footage of the fishes at Coral Point! ^^ (see below for video)

After snorkeling, Kelvin wanted to shower before we had lunch, but I stayed in my swim suit. We were gonna be at the beach anyways, so I was thinking that perhaps I could frolic in the beach for a while. ^^

… And I did. =p

OH, and one more thing:

Sunburned. =(


8. The third day was rather quiet… with the exception that Kelvin went snorkeling again, but I wasn’t feeling too good, so I stayed back and finished my novel. I admit it was nice to have some alone time in paradise. ^^ It was also the day that I realised I was falling in love with the beach/island. Before this, I didn’t really like to go swimming in beaches because it made your skin sticky and the bottom of your swimsuit full of sand. But I seemed not to mind anymore, and if anything, I loved living by the beach, and had gotten quite used to falling asleep to the sound of the waves. On nights when I found it hard to sleep, I’d just tune out my mind and listen to the waves, and I’d fall asleep not too long after. <3 I was a little sad that our stay was coming to an end, and so, it seemed, did Kelvin. We just laid in bed trying to soak up the room and environment as much as we could; Kelvin even said he didn’t feel like sleeping because once he closed his eyes, the next time he opened them, it would be time to go home. =( That night, the both of us did not sleep well.

9. It was finally our last day. Even breakfast seemed more glum than usual… or maybe it was just me. xD As we packed, I tried to delay as much as necessary. It was as if the room had become a part of me; a part of my life. That was how strongly I felt of it. When I couldn’t delay any longer, we headed for the reception to check out. Even as we were walking to the main jetty, I played with the sand a little as I walked. I looked out into the ocean and tried to take in as much as I could before leaving for good. On the boat back, the sea was thankfully not as choppy as when we came, though it DID spray some sea water on our faces. Feeling melancholy, I took those little droplets of water as the island bidding us farewell. And I actually felt sad about it. lol And the trip back to the Kuala Besut jetty seemed to be waaayyy shorter than 45 minutes too. =/



So yeah, that was kinda the gist of what happened within the 4 days… I wish I could have stayed longer though. I was really falling in love with the place!

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